Why Are not Electric Cars the Norm Yet?

The concept of electric cars was first implemented back in 1884, and despite how much the recent heaps of development have taken the motor industry by storm, they just aren’t the norm right now. Though electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for car-buyers in the UK, and even after the forewarning of the diesel ban ahead of us in 2030, it seems conventional cars mark the comfort zone for many motorists and unfortunately, those electric motors aren’t getting any more popular lately.

What's an Electric Car?

Basically, an electric car is not that different to the average conventional motor; they do the same job, in (on average) the same amount of time. The only major change automakers have made is the way they run and how they are powered to run on the road. What's meant by that is the power source of an electric car is as simple as a battery that can be recharged once it has no power, rather than having to fuel up with petrol or diesel at a service station – so, those rumours about service stations going bust after 2030 are just as true as you thought.

Why So Unpopular?

For just one minute, put yourself in this situation: you locate the nearest charging point for your electric car, but when you do, you're informed that you need to wait around for hours until the battery is back to full again, but it costs you as little as £3 each time. What do you do? You probably think that the most logical step to take is to avoid buying an electric motor altogether, but it's not. The reason electric cars are so unpopular right now is because of how they are advertised, but mostly because of the general amount of effort it'd take to keep one of them running and on the road for just a single day. People think it’s not worth the hassle when you could get more from conventional vehicles, while you even pay less for them as they're not that new to the industry anymore - It's a bitter-sweet dilemma for any driver.

Buying an Electric Car

As it goes, it could be worth investing in an electric motor now rather than when you have no choice but to fork out the money for an example in time for the diesel and petrol ban. Though the ban isn't set to hit the UK until at least 2030, that's only 12 years away, and even though that seems quite some time from now, it's much sooner than you think. But realistically, the more people who buy an electric car in the recent years, the more popular they're likely to be way in the future. However, by then, you'll have no other option but to search EV charger installers to get a wall box installed before buying an electric car..