MirrorGo: Ideal software to mirror iPhone to PC or desktop

MirrorGo: Ideal software to mirror iPhone to PC or desktop

If you have been searching on the net to know how to mirror iPhone to computer, your search destination is complete. This blog will explain why MirrorGo is the best software to mirror the iPhone to the PC or desktop. IPhones, as we know, are the status symbol for many wealthy investors, CEOs, and business executives. There may be some situations where they need to share their iPhone screen and display it on a larger screen in front of their team members or a live audience. In such circumstances, we need reliable software that can easily mirror iPhone to PC without compatibility issues. MirrorGo application is developed by Wondershare, which is the most popular app for android mirroring or iPhone mirroring. The MirrorGo is available for a free trial version in the android play store or app store of IOS devices. The application is easy to use because of its user-friendliness and simple interface.

Situations where we need to mirror iPhone to the PC

There can be many situations where we want to mirror the screen of phones to pc. Some of them are listed below:-

  • To view iPhones' images on PC: - Some people love to show their iPhone screen on a larger screen to display the photos to their near and dear ones. We can easily share the images stored on the iPhone on a larger screen using the MirrorGo application in such a situation. The application is fully compatible with all IOS versions.
  • To Show live gameplays to an audience online: Those players who want to share the iPhone screen to display the live match or gameplay to audiences use the MirrorGo app. Using this app, we can easily play games and display the screen on a larger device simultaneously.
  • To show presentations stored on the phone:-During conference or live meeting, we might need to show our boss a presentation stored on our iPhone. Sometimes the presentation is on our iPhone, and hence by using the MirrorGo app, we can easily connect and mirror the screen of the iPhone to a PC or big-screen computer.
  • View media files on big screens:-Sometimes, we might want to manage files stored on the iPhone using a PC or computer. In such a situation, we can easily mirror the screen on the larger screen and view the media files stored on the iPhone. The application can display any media files, including images, video files, or presentations.

How to mirror iPhone to PC using MirrorGo app?

  • Download the MirrorGo app from the app store on an ios device. Once the installation is complete, then launch the application from the home screen of the iPhone.
  • Connect the larger screen using the same wifi networks with your iPhone. Once the connection is established, the iPhone screen will be displayed on a big screen device screen.

Features of MirrorGo

  • Control iOS to PC:-If the iPhone's home screen becomes faulty and is not functioning correctly, then we need to control the IOS device using a PC and mouse. We can accomplish this task easily by using the MirrorGo application.
  • Mirror IOS to PC:-In the event when we want to display the iPhone screen to PC, Laptop or desktop, we need to mirror iPhone to PC. The software which is most popular for iPhone mirroring is MirrorGo. To establish reliable sharing of the iPhone's screen, we need both iPhone and a larger screen to be connected to the same Wi-Fi networks.
  • Record iPhone on your PC:-Some players who play online games wants to record the gameplay from their iPhone and record it to upload the video on the YouTube channel. If you are also a gamer and want to perform this task, you must use MirrorGo software once.
  • Take a screenshot on the PC:-Screenshot can be taken quickly from iPhone and saved on PC or laptop during the screen mirroring session.
  • Handle mobile notification on PC.-While we are mirroring the iPhone; we might want to handle the mobile notification on the PC screen. By using the MirrorGo app, we can efficiently handle push notifications of mobile during the mirroring session.

What makes MirrorGo an efficient app for mirroring iPhone to PC?

  • Excellent user interface:-The interface of the MirrorGo application is kept simple and friendly. There will be no problem or in understanding the app at all.
  • Home button not functioning on iPhone:-Sometimes, the home screen button of the iPhone becomes faulty, and we need to display the screen on a larger screen to use a mouse for navigation purposes. Using the MirrorGo application, we can efficiently perform the iPhone's activity using a PC and mouse.
  • Paid version MirrorGo features:-The application is available for free trial version s well as the paid version. The pricing plans can be seen from the official site as well.
  • Safe and secure:- MirrorGo application is safe to install on apple devices as it does not contain any virus or malware.
  • Device compatibility-This application is fully compatible with all versions of ios devices.

Advantages of using MirrorGo software

  • Control the iPhone screen to the computer:-Suppose we want to control the iPhone screen to the computer; then we need software that can easily mirror the screen and operate using a mouse and PC. MirrorGo allows both these things simultaneously.
  • Record IOS screen to PC or computer: -In case you want to record the IOS screen of iPhone to pc, desktop or computer, then MirrorGo can be used for iPhone screen mirroring.
  • Take a screenshot of the iPhone screen to a PC or bigger screen: -Using the MirrorGo application, we can take a screenshot while we have a mirroring session. This feature allows us to take a screenshot of the iPhone during iPhone screen mirroring with pc or desktop.

Conclusion: MirrorGo application is the best app for iPhone mirroring. The application is completely secure to use because of the absence of malware or viruses. Not only can it mirror the screen of the iPhone on a larger screen, but it also allows users to control the navigation using a PC and mouse.