How to change GPS location on iOS Devices?

How to change GPS location on iOS Devices?

Being a smartphone owner, one expects to get every trending feature in it. The worst-case could be when a third-party application also does not perform on your device. Technology has provided us with applications for all purposes. From AR to VR we have developed we have brought everything to our screens. But still, there are few services for which we don’t have enough or no services at all.

One of the most demanding features is a fake location provider. It’s a feature people want in their smartphone so that they can generate a virtual location. The fake location feature on the iPhone is the next level thing and a very useful thing in many ways. But there are very few genuine applications that provide this feature.

Pokemon Go is an exciting game and people loved it all over the world. But do you know, with virtual location applications it can become more interesting? And not only Pokemon GO but many similar games and other applications can use this feature. People search for applications so that they can generate a fake location on iPhone but find no results for that.

Dr. Fone-Virtual Location for iOS is an amazing application and can solve this problem. Dr. Fone-Virtual Location allows you to teleport iPhone GPS to your desired location. It is a one-click location changer and can change your current position to any part of the world. Not only that, every application in your phone will act according to that location and will consider it your real-time location.

Dr. Fone-Virtual Location provides additional features like:

  • 24*7 customer service
  • Fewer risks to be banned as world politics is not subtle these days.
  • Easy-to-follow interface design for better navigation.

It is a perfect location changer for all devices. There are many alternatives to such applications but they are just fake GPS applications that claim to provide such location-changing features but are just pieces of crap. Plus they involve harms like spamming, theft, violation of privacy, and data. Plus, they do not perform well on devices and cause problems like device lag and cluttering.

Dr. Fone-Virtual Location is a safe option and using it is very simple.

Given below are some of the amazing features that will prove why one should go for the Dr. Fone-Virtual Location app than anywhere else.

  • Spoof GPS location on iPhone: You can enter any location by name or just coordinates and spoof GPS location on iPhone.

  • Spoof GPS movement along real roads: You can Select a spot on the map and your GPS location will move from the current spot to the selected at custom speed. The moment will take place along the real road on the map.

  • Spoof GPS movement along with wanted spots: You can also select more than one spot on the map. You can move on these spots at your speed.

  • Spoof with GPS joystick: You can control GPS movement by using the joystick. You can use W, A, S, and D or keys Up, Left, Down, and Right on the keyboard to control GPS movement.

  • Full-screen map view: You can view the map on full screen and can find more interesting places to teleport to or spoof GPS movement.

  • Multi-device support: Dr. Fone-Virtual Location supports 5 devices at a time.

Dr. Fone-Virtual Location app supports all apple devices and the PC version of Windows OS.

Dr. Fone-Virtual Loaction is the best location changer application for iPhone devices and a one-stop destination for iPhone users who are looking for an application that can change their device location. As discussed earlier it is an amazing ispoofer for PoGo game lovers and has many other benefits.