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Tips To Keep Older Adults Healthy During Monsoon

by Laurie967 (writer) , June 12, 2020

Summers are long in our country. The only thing that keeps us going through this heat is that we knew that monsoon will be the next season. The pleasant rainy season which not too cold and not too hot in the perfect weather that everyone loves. However, it is not the same for the elderly. As the rainy season brings several problems in the form of viral infections and health issues that might affect the immunity of the elderly. So, other than insuring your grandparents or parents with health insurance, you should follow the below-mentioned tips to keep older adults healthy during monsoon:

Keep Them Hydrated With Warm Water

Rainy season brings water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, etc that can affect old adults severely. So, make sure your parents and grandparents drink warm water. They should also use warm water for bathing and other purposes which will keep elderly people safe. In general, drinking water is good for health as it kick-starts your metabolism.

Avoid Fast Food As Much You Can

Eating fast food, especially street food during monsoon season feels like heaven. But for senior citizens, it’s advisable to avoid street food during the rainy season as it can affect the delicate immune system of old people.

Improve Their Immunity

Rainy season brings conditions such as common cold, and cough with them. And one of the best ways to protect senior citizens is to boost their immunity levels. If their immune system is stronger, cold won’t affect them severely. Give old people in your family, nuts, almonds, corn, and grains to eat as these food items will increase their immunity system. Stronger immune system will be able to fight foreign bodies more efficiently.

Maintain Hygiene

In general, you should always maintain clean hygiene, especially in a rainy season. Dengue fever is very common in India during monsoon season. The mosquito that causes dengue grows and thrives in wet areas. Many micro-organisms grow in wet areas, and that’s why it is highly advisable to keep your surroundings dry and clean and protect your elders.

Eat A Healthy Diet

It is scientifically proven that the digestive capacity of senior citizens is said to be at the lowest point during the monsoon season. You should include fruits, vegetables, green leafy veggies, and any fibre-rich food in your grandparent's or parent’s diet. Some fruits like pears, bananas, apples can improve old people’s digestion.

Use Insect Repellents

Monsoon is not only your favourite season, but it is also the favourite season of mosquitoes, flies, insects, and many such creatures. As a precautionary measure, you should use repellents, mosquito coils, nets, and clean off stagnated water from your surroundings. Use these precautionary measures in senior citizen’s rooms.

All the tips mentioned above will surely keep older adults healthy during monsoon. To ensure overall protection make you buy health insurance online from a reputable insurance company. This insurance will provide financial coverage that will take care of medical and hospitalization expenses. You should enjoy monsoon season but follow these tips to protect the health of senior citizens.

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