Make Boxing Your Gateway To Health and Fitness

People around the world are realizing the importance of fitness. Many of them are not as comfortable and dedicated to fitness with usual and boring methods. Now you don't have to be following an unconventional workout if you cannot find joy and excitement in it. Fitness is no longer just about hitting the gym, lifting weights, or running each day. Why do these when you can get fast results in a shorter time, have fun while getting fit, and learn many other skills along the way?

Boxing is one of the ways that can help you get these goals. It has been around for years and today it is categorized as sports as well as martial arts. One of the reasons why people practice it is self-defense, but recently many have joined it just for fitness’s sake. This made boxing emerge as another popular workout training. Besides the fun and enjoying part it improves your physical and mental health a lot. But if you don't want to do sparring and get seriously punched in the face, then you can do things like boxercise or shadow boxing. Of course these are not as good as real boxing and you will lose the self-defense part. But they are good enough to get you fit. Get your boxing gloves on and let's have a look, how boxing can be the thing to get you fit.

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Get the sweat you need

Waiting on treadmills and other cardio workouts are the way to go usually when you want to lose weight. But these are not as effective and fast. On top of that they sure are boring as hell and not fun at all. Then why would you want to spend hours doing a boring routine over and over again and still get the results slowly? Switch to boxing and you will have fun while losing weight, plus the weight loss will be faster, relatively. With cardio, the body gets to a point where it does not lose more weight. Then you would have to switch to other exercises. So why not get to it in the first place.

Boxing training is a mix of cardio and high-intensity interval training exercises. This perfect combination makes it easy and fast to burn effectively. Then with cardio you completely forget and neglect the body strength. This can make you weak. With boxing, you will be working to make the body strong and while doing so you will be losing fat, thus no need to worry.

Get a complete body workout

Unlike what many people think, boxing training gives you a full body workout. It is not just about punching. You would be able to float like a butterfly only when your legs are strong enough to do so. Strong and fast footwork is very important for defense. A major part of boxing training, especially beginner training, consists of different intense leg workouts. Just moving around like a boxer in a professional stance gives you a good leg workout. Here your muscles that you have never trained before will be worked on, i.e. fast-twitch muscles.

The most important muscle that it trains is the heart. A healthier heart means better health as it helps regulate blood better and provide the nutrients required all over the body efficiently. Pumped heart and better heart health is the beginning step towards weight loss. Don't make any more excuses and get all the boxing gear and boxing shorts explored more to get everything else you need.

Work on fat and muscle side by side

You will be burning so many calories while training daily and strengthening your muscles at the same time. This will strengthen your body, tone the muscles, and burn the fat at the same time. This is one of the best ways to get in shape. Usually what you would have done is lose the fat first, get skinny and weak, then build muscle and strengthen the body. It would have taken too much time to achieve the desired result. With boxing these are done side by side and you learn other things too.

The training you will be doing will help you melt that fat and build lean muscle. This makes the muscle tones defined and ripped. So you won't have to worry that your complete body will not be targeted or you won't get a better-looking body. But of course, you would have to be patient and keep going with the training, getting results.


We all know that in boxing one would have to hit the bag and start with others too. But this is not for everyone. If you have some medical condition, had injuries of hand and wrist in the past, or just do not like sparring and getting hit, then don't worry. Other than traditional boxing training, there are options available like boxercise.

There are two types of boxing training. One in which you have to follow a leader, it's more like a trainer who is leading you what to do. In this class you will be throwing punches, sometimes in the air, and other times at the bag. This class includes all the boxing training as usual. The main difference is that you won't be doing sparring and fighting matches.

The other type of class is where you will start with stretching, then move on to strength training followed by punching moves. All you have to do is look for a local gym that is offering these classes.

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Shadow boxing

Even the above-mentioned classes are not for everyone. Especially if you are aged or have health problems like arthritis or osteoporosis of hands. In such cases you should avoid hitting a bag or someone. If you want to do a heavy bag or speed bag training, then consult a doctor and get a check-up.

Shadow boxing is for these people. Just like the name suggests, you will be doing boxing with your shadow. This will give you a good aerobic workout and get your heartbeat up. Check for local gyms and health clubs and you will most likely find many such classes.