5 Essential Tools for Students

The Importance of Copyright Checker and other Online Tools

In the present era, online learning tools have acquired immense popularity among students and teachers alike.

Writing, leaning, and checking assignments from the comfort of the home or any other place has been made possible by the strong virtual network and its many useful applications.

Studying Online Has Increased In The Present Era

Several student-centric tools have been developed to promote e-learning and help students extensively. Pupils use these tools to enhance their skills.

Supportive online tools for students

In the online field, several tools have been invented to make learning easy. A few essential tools are discussed below:

1. Grammar and spelling checker tools:

The process of writing a paper requires hard work and focus. Time has to be dedicated to reading reference documents meticulously. The final written document is the outcome of the entire procedure.

The presence of errors in spellings or sentence construction reduces the worth of the assignment to a large extent. Substantiated conclusions cannot be fettered with spelling mistakes or syntactical errors. There are spell checkers and grammar checker tools to help students write error-free papers.

Grammatical Mistakes Are TheMost Common Mistakes Committed By Students

These tools are free to use. Students have the option to upload a written document on the virtual window of the checker tool and have all the errors corrected in a few seconds. Alternatively, a student can use the application for directly typing the document.

In this process, the correction of mistakes and the typing of the document take place simultaneously. A high-quality plagiarism scanner tool also comprises of the grammar and spell check function.

2. Online dictionaries:

A strong vocabulary is necessary to draft meaningful sentences. Bland writing involves using the same adjectives repeatedly in a written document. The use of simple sentences is not prohibited for constructing written assignments, but the variety and better words refine the written piece substantially.

Online Dictionary Is An Essential Tool For Students

For students, gathering new words can take place from books and available offline sources. However, while writing, a suggestion of synonyms makes it easier to complete the assignment in a superior way.

There are online dictionaries where specific words can be searched. Apart from providing the meaning of the word, information about its origin is also provided to the users. It helps in understanding the origin of different rare as well as new words.

Writing tools often have the in-built application to provide users with synonyms of words present in his/her document. It facilitates learning and also improves the text document.

3. Virtual boards:

Taking notes and preparing drafts are essential steps for writing an assignment. Software designers have developed whiteboards that function like blackboards. In this type of board, a student can virtually write and save ideas for reference.

Most whiteboards are compatible with mobile devices, so it makes it easier to jot down points or ideas anytime. The loss of notes is also not a worrying issue because virtual boards are based on Cloud-based applications. Hence, accidentally deleted files can be retrieved without any problem.

4. Interactive tools

Social interaction is an essential aspect of learning, and for that reason, interactive applications are developed that can be accessed through the internet. The interactive platform allows students to work collaboratively.

Teachers can also use such applications for uploading assignments for students. Checking of assignment is also possible. Hence, students can acquire feedback for their work by merely sharing the file on the interactive application.

5. Plagiarism tools:

The core rule for writing dissertations or any other type of written assignment is to avoid plagiarism. Students often commit plagiarism because they are inclined to take the unethical route of copy-pasting content.

However, in many situations, unintentional copying also occurs. A plagiarism test gets conducted to check content for plagiarized content. Students can easily access a free plagiarism checker or an online plagiarism checker through the internet. There are plenty of free online plagiarism tools available for everyday use.

Advanced anti-plagiarism software functions as a highly efficient plagiarism detector that can detect paraphrased content easily. With the help of a plagiarism tool, a student can submit a plagiarism-free research paper.

The dissertation has to be uploaded in the plagiarism checking the website for initialing the scan. Some websites provide the service for free, but with paid services, bulk data can be scanned easily.


Hence, it is best to use suitable tools for checking and writing assignments. It is also ideal if a person needs to check for plagiarism in an academic paper with a suitable copyright checker.