Importance of PMP and its designation


PMP is the acronym used for Project Management Professional. It is the most sought after credential for project managers. If a project manager possesses the PMP Certificate, they are considered to be one of the best in the art of managing projects. In the world of Information Technology, the PMP Certificate is one of the most powerful certificates. Many applicants appear for the PMP Certification Exam every year, but only the most dedicated and hardworking ones are able to procure one certificate for themselves. This certification has become an essential part of the resume of any project manager because it validates the skills and knowledge that any good manager requires to possess in order to deliver projects in a short span of time by leading and directing a project team of any standard.

The PMP Certification is internationally accepted and any manager possessing this can land a job in any part of the world with a salary that is bound to keep him comfortable for the rest of the year. Another great fact about the PMP Certificate is that it makes the resume of the manager in any department, in any field.

Why is PMP Certification so important?

During the preparation for the PMP Certification Exam, any candidate has to undergo rigorous training that helps them hone their skills and broaden their horizon in terms of their potential and the work that they are supposed to. Currently, professionals with a PMP Certificate are working in the health, finance, manufacturing and the information technology industries among the different lucrative industries. According to a recent survey, only 40,000 professionals own a PMP Certificate.

The PMP Certificate is issued only by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The certificate is provided to only those candidates who fulfill certain criteria regarding their education and their experience in the management industry. Even appearing for the exam requires the candidates to have passed certain limitations regarding their education and work experience and the challenges that they have passed. The exam itself is also a great feat and requires almost 180 hours of preparation and studying. The exam has been judged as one of the toughest exams in the world. Candidates need to have very good preparation and understanding of the subject matter in order to ace the exam like a professional.

Despite a lot of effort, resources and time, two out of five people are unable to clear the test and need to retake it next year. Even after clearing the test, the project managers need to get their certificates re-issued every three years. Re-issuing the certificate again requires the candidates to have completed at least sixty projects successfully with great results. The projects are thoroughly studied by the experts and only on full satisfaction, the managers are re-issued the certificate. If the project managers are unable to make the cut for the re-issuing process, they need to answer the PMP Certification Exam once again.

From all this information, it is pretty clear that the PMP Certificate and all processes that revolve around it are pretty complex. However, the perks that a manager enjoys after receiving the certificate and worth the effort and time spent on the entire process.

We hope that this article was helpful and you were able to understand how important the PMP Certificate is and what is its importance in the life of a project manager or any management professional. If you are inspired enough, you should take classes and acquire the PMP Certificate for yourself.

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