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There's Always A Professional Opportunity

by Editor (editor) , January 27, 2020

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Perhaps one of the easiest things to do is to restrict yourself. This may not be a result of insecurity or incompetence, but simply being unaware of the potential that you may hold. For example, it’s not uncommon for many professionals to join a certain field, to grow and get promoted, and thus to find themselves tied to one company for most of their lives. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, but it can show that if we’re comfortable, we can sometimes avoid branching out as we may have planned previously.

If you find yourself setting up your professional life, you have a little more freedom. However, what isn’t weighing you down in terms of security may weigh you down through other means - such as struggling to find the opportunities you need to get a vantage point, from which you can develop. But it’s important not to think that this limits you from finding your best professional capacity or at least starting on that road. It’s best to internalize now that there’s always a professional opportunity, no matter how you slice it. You just need to know how to make the most of it.

It’s that question we hope to concern ourselves with in the following article:

Opportunities That Seem Below You

Don’t rule out opportunities that seem below you, especially if you’re just starting out in your career. You never know just how effectively you can kickstart your path if you’re willing to do the things that most people will turn their noses up at. For example, consider the idea of a chef working in a corporate kitchen.

Perhaps the restaurant is understaffed that week, and so the head chef politely requests that the young chef clean the staff facilities during the downtime between services. Of course, this could be considered outside of the role they were employed for. They could moan about it. They may even have a grounding to deny their boss. But, should they approach this without complaint, and perform a great job in a timely manner, you’ve shown your boss you are dependable and are willing to help out no matter what. This may translate well when it comes to being promoted in a tight competition between three colleagues on their level.

This is just a tiny example, in a very specific setting, that shows how grasping small opportunities to prove yourself, or to learn something new, or to exercise your professional candor, or to try something outside of your role (no matter how humble) is never something to turn your nose up at. With other examples it may help you meet new people, or learn from a mentor, or spend time building your professional capacity. In that respect, opportunities can gather and help you stand higher than before. The best among us learn this simple lesson early.

Educational Opportunities Abound

There are more educational opportunities out there than you may be familiar with. In fact, there are courses to satiate almost any professional curiosity, to train you in the right direction and help you dispel myth from practical understanding - to help you avoid going through that slow and arduous on-the-job learning experience. In fact, USC have an incredibly well-written guide showing you just how many skills can be curated into a range of careers, and just how to view your professional options when accredited in this manner.

Remember that you are never too old, too experienced, or too skilled to learn something new. Not only that, but even with experience, you may find that blind spots you are holding can be thoroughly illuminated through a careful and direct education. As a professional hoping to make the most of your opportunities, this path must never be ruled out, no matter how strongly you enjoy considering yourself an ambitious self-starter.

Development Potential

Remember, developing on a certain path is not always so cut and dry. Learning a new language, for instance, may be instrumental in helping your business fluency when considering expanding your business with new locations, as it could potentially help open yourself to foreign markets.

If you’re a salesperson selling excellent health supplements, making sure your own waistline is trim and that you’re well-groomed can also be a worthwhile investment of your time. There are many personal means of development that can help you further embody the role you’re in now. Even learning how to public speak or give a firm handshake could help you more than you know, particularly when interfacing with those who are already accomplished. The more you can approximate the best wisdom in this direction, trying new things, adopting new attitudes, learning new skills, the more you unlock your development potential.

For You / For Your Employment

Weigh up what may be good for your professional development, or good for you within the context of your current employment. Sometimes, they are not the same. For example, giving all of your time to a company that might be focused on intense downsizing efforts (despite ensuring your job is guaranteed) may not be the best move. Perhaps that may be a sign of things to come.

Instead, the professional opportunity in this instance may be to refine your own website, to begin to register yourself as an independent contractor, and to start calculating the outside-of-hours income you start to build for tax registration purposes. Even printing business cards may be a step in the right direction. While often our professional opportunities are linked to our employment, it can’t hurt to work on them independently from time to time. This can help you support yourself through the somewhat chaotic professional movements that can happen to any field, at any time. Additionally, it may help you avoid having to take on other work as the singular opportunities in a certain industry are temporarily closed to you. With this perspective, you’ll be in the right state of mind.

With this advice, we hope you can always and reliably find that professional opportunity. You never know how worthwhile that pursuit can be.

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