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5 Causes Of Hair-Loss And How To Overcome Them

by Editor (editor) , January 24, 2020

Hair loss affects a large number of people per year and can be caused by a whole number of different variables, all of which can be either reversed or prevented. But with many struggling to reduce thinning and keep hair strong, it can seem like an impossible task. In this article, we have listed 5 common causes of hair loss that could be causing your hair loss and providing you with the solution to overcome it.


One of the most common causes of hair loss is stress, particularly if you are working full time. With business meetings, deadlines and office politics all contributing to a build-up in stress from time to time, this can lead to the hair becoming damaged and even falling out. In order to prevent this, taking the time to relax will benefit you in the long term. Whether this is relaxing in the bath, working out, or making time to catch up on sleep, this will all help to reduce stress over time and prevent the hair from falling out.

Hormone Imbalance

In addition to stress, a hormone imbalance may also be responsible for the hair becoming damaged and falling out. Though there is little that can be done to prevent this, visiting your GP and using supplements will aid in balancing these hormones and restoring the health of your hair. Though this will take time to get into your system, this will benefit you in the long term as you will then begin to feel better in yourself and prevent the hair from falling out.

Heredity Hair Loss

Though there is little that can be done to prevent hereditary hair loss, there are ways that you can slow down the process and even set about repairing the signs of any hair loss that you have already experienced. Whether this is through taking supplements, using laser treatment or opting for some of the best hair transplant London clinics to perform the procedure, this can restore the hairline and keep the hair looking healthy over time.

Stress Caused By Styling

Another common cause of hair loss that is an issue for many is the stress that is caused by styling. This is unavoidable and is common with those that wear their hair in tight hairstyles. In order to avoid this, it is advised that you wear your hair in loose plaits or down as this will minimalize the damage done. In addition to this, using a bun ring or other accessories can help to lessen the strain on the hair and allow the hair to grow.


The final cause of hair loss for many is age and cannot be avoided. As you get older the hair begins to thin, however, by eating the right foods and monitoring the amount of hair that you are losing you can begin to reduce the time it takes and keep your hair looking healthy for significantly longer, however, this may not actually stop the hair from falling out.

Whether you are experiencing hair loss at this time or you are just looking at the options that you have should you begin to lose your hair, we are sure that you will find your solution using some of the tips above.

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