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How Can People Work Healthier?

by Editor (editor) , December 05, 2019

With the recent emphasis and increased awareness of psychological and physiological health, we must talk about this issue about workplaces. Many of us spend most of our hours in the office apart from our home. Hence, the environment we work in must be good for our psychological and physiological health – something we overlook the most.

Think about it, if you are not mentally and physically healthy, will you be able to work in the right manner? Or if your workers are not healthy, will they be able to bring in revenues for you that they would have otherwise?

Now that you have understood why it's essential to have healthy workers, let us get started on how to achieve it: Healthy working environment is the key.

1. Communication is Essential

Communication provides a framework for a healthy environment in the office. There needs to be open communication between the management and employees. Organizations that do not have adequate exchange of ideas continue to isolate the staff and the employees feel that they are not entirely a part of the organization.

Don't assume that your employees will be completely open with you since day one. It takes time for people to start opening up, so first establish a relationship of trust with them. Management should ensure transparency so that employees can learn from them. This also makes them believe they are appreciated as well as being an essential part of the organization.

2. Sit Less Stay Active

According to a British study conducted in 2015, people working on desks should stand or walk around for at least two hours a day, to avoid health risks associated with too much sitting. "It's essential to move around during the working day," says Robert Graham, MD, Northwell Health System's director of integrative health and wellness. You can use a sit-stand desk to avoid many health issues like heart diseases and fluctuating sugar levels.

As per a research published in the journal “Occupational Medicine” in March 2017, people who use a sit-stand desk are 50% more productive than those who sat in the office. What is better than staying healthy and productive, all at once?

3. Adjust your Lighting

It is best to get direct sunlight during the day, therefore you should sit close to a window, if possible. In fact, as per a 2013 study by Northwestern University, people with windows in their offices get better sleep and are physically more active than those who do not have windows in their offices. It helps to keep your stress levels and circadian rhythm in balance.

4. Strive for a Work/life Balance

As firms want to take full advantage of their employees, most of them spend hours of overtime to do more work. While this strategy can initially seem successful, it slowly impacts the employees adversely, and in turn, your organization can suffer. Instead of motivating employees to stay overnight, you can encourage them to be as efficient as possible under their defined work schedules. At the same time, tell them to leave the office on time to maintain their private and professional lives.

We know there is a lot more that can be done to keep your employees healthy, but these are the necessary changes that must take place in your office. This will not only keep your employees healthy but will also help you benefit from their productivity, with less sick leaves. In this article you learn more about the ideal workplace

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