Why Is Broadway STILL So Popular?

There are only a few places around the world where you can truly watch the best actors and actresses perform live. Some names that come to mind are The West End, Broadway, Venice and Los Angeles. These are the destinations you would fly and drive hours to, just to watch some of the most amazing performances ever. But why among all of them, is Broadway still so popular? The West End has been a marvelous place for Shakespeare plays so it will remain immortal. Venice is where some of the most captivating live opera performances have thrilled Italy and it will remain that way because of its cultural and historical importance. Los Angeles is a relative newcomer, it's where Hollywood actors go to hone their craft. But Broadway has always been a more classical theater zone. Do people still love musicals or are there other reasons for its continued success?

The availability of theaters

The West End does have some amazing theaters and other live arena performance shows. However it's not as numerous as Broadway. Maybe it's because of the city design as London is a very old city so there hasn't been a lot of new structures erected. Broadway on the other hand is relatively new with regards to the timeframe of it's opening and current day. This means that there has been a boom of theaters in the areas which has allowed it to offer an immense amount of variety to customers. There are plenty of different show on at any given time that at least one of them will tickle your fancy. Audiences are given choice and competitive pricing, thus there are more options for the theater addict and the casual viewer. In all some 41 theaters are available to choose from.

Room for one more?

Since there is an abundance of theaters, there’s always a show that will squeeze you in. New York City is a hustling bustling area but in Broadway they will more than accommodate you. You can find somelast minute tickets to some the latest shows such as Waitress, Dear Evan Hansen, Mean Girls or The Sound Inside to name a few. There are 262 shows to choose from so there’s bound to be something that will suit your tastes. There are comedies, dramas, thrillers, classics, musicals and even one-man shows. There’s always room for one more no matter what show or theater it is. Perhaps that’s why it's become one of the top 5 hottest tourist attractions over the years.

On the rise

Since we have services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, we’re never starved of stories and content. But one thing you cannot replicate through the screen is raw belief in the characters and the emotions of the story. That’s why Broadway is one the rise with almost 15 million people going to see the shows. That’s up around 9.5% from the year before.

Despite having modern subscription-based services, we’re need something that’s living and raw. Broadway offers variety like no other live performance place on the planet, that’s why it's still so popular.