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This Is How To Rock A Business Expo In 5 Simple Steps

by Editor (editor) , September 24, 2019

If your company has an exposition, convention, or fair coming up, you will want to make sure that you get a good return on your investment.

If your company has an exposition, convention, or fair coming up, you will want to make sure that you get a good return on your investment. Of course to do that you will need to rock your stand. Luckily, this is a subject you can find out all about in the post below. There are even 5 easy steps to follow to make sure you don't miss anything out. Keep reading for more.

Step 1: Decide which events to attend.

Not all expos are good, and not all will be good for your business. In fact, you need to think about which you will attend carefully. After all, it costs a lot of time, money, and effort to get prepared for such things.

A good rule of thumb here is that you need to pick expos or fairs that appeal to your target demographic. That is the ones that will be packed full of the people that are most likely to buy your product.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. One being if you are looking to expand into another market. Therefore you are using such an event as market research to test the waters and see if such a move is viable.

Step 2: Get a good spot.

Location is everything when it comes to business expos. That means you really don't want to be stuck at the back where no one walks by, or right at the front either for that matter. The reason being that most folks are eager to get into the main hall and therefore won't want to spend a lot of time at your stand.

In fact, the most coveted spots are usually in the middles of expo space. Of course, many of these are often observed for the stands of the brands that are sponsoring the fair.

To that end, you may wish to consider getting involved in such events at a higher level. Something that often means your brand can find its way onto the advertising and promotional items distributed to every single attendee as well.

Step 3: Rock your stand.

One of the most important tasks you have when attending an expo is to create a fantastic stand. Not just an OK one, but one that stands out, grabs people's attention and makes them flock to you as bees do honey.

Of course, that means you need to think about the design and display of your stand very carefully. To that end, try and avoid the more cliche and overdone options such as modular blue boards.

Instead, you should go for a sleeker and more professional look with printed banners and displays. You can also get modular stands that you can affix rigid or fabric wraps with your branding on now.

Additionally, you may choose to add lighting for a dynamic effect. After all, the aim of your stand is to draw as many people as possible. Something that visual impact has a great deal to do with.

Step 4: Make connections.

You also need to think about why you want to bring as many people to your stand as possible. Is it to say hi and raise your brand's profile in a general way? Probably not. In fact, it is much more likely that you have a more specific, measurable goal.

In fact, a more specific and measurable goal, such as to get 100 viable leads is much smarter. The reason being that you can compare this to the investment you have made and establish whether expos are an effective form of marketing for you.

To that end, you must focus your attention and that of your staff taking care of the booth on making connections and collecting contact data.

Happily, there are some pretty fun way that you can encourage this now that allow you to maintain a positive relationship with potential clients and help to stop you coming across as too pushy.

One is simply to run a competition. The prize for this can be a free product, or something unrelated to your business. Then visitors to the stand only need to leave their contact details or business card, and you will have the info you need and an opportunity to have a conversation about your products and their needs as well.

Another smart way of encouraging connection is to offer free promotional items in exchange for contact details. In fact, you will often find that such things can cause quite a stir in expo situations. After all, people love a freebie, and some spend their visits collection as many as they can.

Of course, with this in mind, it is well worth choosing an item of good quality to be branded, as well as an item that is both unusual and useful. Then your offering is bound to stand out.

Finally, do forget that you can also offer potential visitors to your stand an experience that they cannot get elsewhere. This could be in the form of AI or VR.

You may even choose to host a presentation or talk with valuable information for those attending the expo. Something that can help you make connections and also help to establish your business as industry leaders too.

Step 5: The follow-up.

Step five happens after the expo is over. This stage of the processes is all about following up on the connections you have gained during the fair. What this means is that you need someone to collate all of the information you collected and then get your team to follow these up each one individually.

In fact, sending a single mass email is not the way to go about this. Instead, working with the personal connection that your expo representatives have created is the way to go.

Of course, this may take a little more time than you were expecting, and you will need to have special discounts and offers to provider anyone you are contacting from the expo as an added incentive. However, this additional work is usually worthwhile as it can help you to create excellent quality leads for your sales funnel for the next year. Something that for most business has a high value for your business indeed!

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