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7 Best WordPress Header Plugins To Create Effective Websites

by Editor (editor), , September 13, 2019

In today’s intensely competitive environment it is necessary to create an instant impact on the audience to beat the competition.

In today’s intensely competitive environment it is necessary to create an instant impact on the audience to beat the competition. A website needs to offer the required functionality to its users in order to succeed. However, it needs to possess sufficient visual appeal to engage visitors so that they can experience the features. Here we are presenting a list of the best WordPress header plugins available to users. These tools will be helpful in creating amazing above-the-fold page sections that will catch the attention of the target audience. This collection of tools includes solutions that can help you in branding your interface as well as achieve some other valuable goals like analytics tracking. Let’s take a look at the notable features of these plugins that can be used to create impressive websites.

1. Insert Headers and Footers

You can install the Insert Headers and Footers plugin and access a simple way to input scripts at desired locations. This tool enables you to add custom CSS, Google Analytics code or the Facebook pixel code in the header. In addition to this, you can also use it to include HTML or JavaScript to your headers. Instead of looking for WordPress developers to insert the code in the relevant location every time you subscribe to a new service, you can handle all such integrations with this tool.

2. Unique Headers

Are you looking to create a header with a stunning visual impact? Then activate Unique Headers on your interface. This open-source plugin will add a custom header image box to your editor. You can use this box to upload an image of your choice through the editor. You can use the plugin to add images to posts or pages. The product also supports parent categories and tags. However, you must note that this product does not resize a picture to fit it in the box. You will have to ensure that the image is of correct size before uploading it.

3. Head, Footer and Post Injections

The Head, Footer and Post Injections plugin is a 5-star rated product that boasts of impressive figures of over 2 million active installations. This simple tool will let you add the tracking code of various services like Google Analytics, Alexa, Bing, Tradedoubler, etc. to your header easily. It is a handy solution for people who have integrated various third-party services with their interfaces. They can manage all their code injections from a single point.

4. Sticky Menu or Anything On Scroll

One of the best WordPress header plugins that you can use is Sticky Menu or Anything On Scroll. As the name suggests, it attaches a sticky element to the top half of your page. Most people use the technique to create sticky menus so that users constantly see vital navigation options. However, with this tool, you can make your logo, a call to action or any other item permanently visible on your interface. You can also define the screen dimensions where the feature should work. This will help in guaranteeing a good user experience on responsive websites.

5. Max Mega Menu

Do you want to add an efficient navigation menu to your website without compromising on visual aesthetics? Then Max Mega Menu is the ideal solution for you. Activating this product will automatically transform your existing menus into mega menus. This will help visitors in getting an unobstructed view of the content. They can access the navigation links with just a single click or touch. It is a responsive product meaning you can build mobile-friendly menus with it.

6. Speed Contact Bar

Agencies like law firms that must prominently display contact information can use the Speed Contact Bar plugin. This tool will allow them to permanently display contact details to their visitors. When you enable this product, a colored bar with all the relevant details and social media links is added on top of the page. The phone numbers are clickable which means that visitors can make a call without leaving the website. The email ID is also clickable and clicking on it will open an email client. It is a responsive product and the contact bar will adjust itself according to the screen size.

7. Ad Inserter

Website owners interested in monetizing their interfaces can use the Ad Inserter plugin. It supports all major ad networks like Google AdSense and Amazon Native Shopping Ads. Users can inject the relevant code in any optimized location such as the header or the footer. Apart from adverts, the tool helps in integrating analytics and tracking codes as well. The tool automatically adds and add to post or pages. Users are free to define the location for the placement of the commercial content.


The header is, usually the first part of a website that becomes visible to visitors. The plugins discussed here will help users leverage this important section for their benefit in the manner they desire. All these items are perfect examples of WordPress plugin development that enable you to make changes without tinkering with code.

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