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The Best VPN Services for Anonymous Browsing in 2019

by Editor (editor), , September 09, 2019

Who says anonymity on the internet doesn’t exist. Well, it long as you are using a virtual private network (VPN).

Who says anonymity on the internet doesn’t exist. Well, it long as you are using a virtual private network (VPN).

Internet Anonymity is a necessity these days as it can save you from unwanted attention.

What unwanted attention are we talking about here? You might wonder.

First of all, there’s this government spying that you can’t prevent if you don’t use an anonymous tool like a VPN. Secondly, you need to ensure the security of your data against hackers.

But, the benefits of online anonymity don’t end there. There’s a bunch of other perks you get to enjoy when you hide your activities with a VPN.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the important reasons you need an anonymous VPN and the top VPN services you can opt for.

Why Do You Need to Browse Anonymously?

Freedom is your right. There’s no denying in that. However, online freedom isn’t always guaranteed. It is not encouraged at all.

Especially, countries that are associated with the 5Eyes or 14Eyes alliance are more prone to breaching users’ online privacy. After all, the primary purpose of the alliance is to keep strict tabs on the communications of the people.

Apart from government surveillance, protection against hackers is another reason why you need to anonymize your internet activities.

Hackers can be sneaky. They can sneak into your device or private folder when you are connected to an unsecure WiFi. They can even get their hands on your data by compromising your network and spying on your internet activities.

Also, bypassing content blockades on the internet is another reason why you need a virtual private network. Our ISPs can often block our access to certain websites and applications. For instance, WhatsApp often gets blocked in the UAE because it uses end-to-end encryption.

Apart from government censorship, streaming services also use restrictions on certain content library. The restrictions are usually imposed to comply with the transmission license set by the broadcasters.

By using a VPN, users can hide their actual IP and browse the web using an anonymous IP address provided by the VPN server.

5 Best VPNs for Anonymous Browsing

Now that we know the major reasons you need a VPN for anonymous browsing to let’s check out the top providers that offer the best services.


One of the positive aspects that add to the reliability of the VPN service is that it operates from Hong Kong. It means that it doesn’t need to comply with any data retention laws, data monitoring laws, or any other nuisances that are prevalent in 14Eyes countries.

The VPN provider packs several privacy-centric features that make it an ideal choice when you are looking for anonymous VPN services. You can go through PureVPN rating review on TrustPilot and other such services, and you will know how much it is praised and adored by VPN users around the world.

It offers kill switch and different types of IP leak protection features. It also has a massive pool of 300,000+ IP addresses.

Does PureVPN keep logs? You might wonder.

No, it certainly doesn’t. You can read the PureVPN service’s privacy policy where you can see that they don’t keep any type of connection or usage logs.

Apart from that if you want to use the service for content unblocking, you are in for a treat. When you connect to PureVPN, go to its Popular Website or Channels tab where you can see a huge list of popular streaming services that are geo-restricted.


“Browse the web privately as it was meant to be,” this is the motto of Windscribe. The VPN provider is also a great player in the industry featuring a powerful set of functionalities. For starters, it offers a feature, ROBERT, which blocks all sorts of malware and even ads. It also features a Firewall which you can use to allow or disallow any network traffic you want.

Windscribe has VPN servers in 60 countries. It uses military-grade encryption. And best of all, you can even find a free plan which is rarely offered by any top-tier services.


CyberGhost is one of the oldest players in the industry. One of the best features you would love about the VPN provider is its number of servers. CyberGhost has over 5000 VPN servers in 90 countries. The number of servers means the more opportunity to access content or experience seamless connectivity.

Another great aspect of CyberGhost is that it can be used simultaneously on up to 7 devices.


The VPN provider boasts military-grade encryption, SOCK5proxy, and over 1300 VPN servers. IPVanish claims itself to be the fastest VPN service.

You can run IPVanish on a wide range of device including Windows, Mac and even Fire TV. It features 40,000+ shared IP addresses and has VPN servers in 60+ countries. Plus, you can use the VPN on up to 10 devices simultaneously.


If you are worried about logs, you would be glad to know that VyprVPN is one of those VPN services that have been audited by an independent auditor. Apart from being an audited VPN service, it offers five simultaneous connections, NAT Firewall, and 700+ servers.

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