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What is Symfony Development and How it Works

by Chrish (editor), , July 12, 2019

Developers use Symfony to create complex, high-performance websites

Symfony is a popular open-source PHP web development framework. It is built using the MVC architecture which comes with several advantages such as enabling a faster development process, and very importantly, the ability to accommodate multiple views. Developers use Symfony to create complex, high-performance websites. At, you can get web development services using Symfony development. So, why should you choose Symfony development over other PHPs?

It is easy to develop, safe and convenient to use

Symfony allows developers to work faster and also resolves coding errors ad security issues. It works well with other database systems and is very user-friendly, allowing you to quickly and flexibly create complex apps.

Highly flexible and scalable.

With Symfony, you can build micro-sites as well as larger, more complex sites containing billions of connections. Symfony is very popular among developers because of its bundle feature. You can pick a bundle with the specific functionality that you need. Selecting a particular bundle is beneficial because it means you can alter your application as much as you need without the need to re-configure the entire framework.

Longevity and broad community support

Symfony is guaranteed to be around for long because of the support it receives from SensioLabs. SensioLabs, who are its developers, have been around for 13 years and work to maintain and ensure more useful features are integrated with every new version. With a broad and vibrant community, there are usually regular tests and updates which also heightens security.

A variety of customized functionalities

Symfony allows for a variety of customization features to make your application as user-friendly as you would want it to be. With full-stack customization, you can develop a complex product containing multiple functionalities. If you only need to add a particular feature to your app, you need not use the whole framework. With Symfony 2, you can add your required functionality thanks to the bricks which you can use separately. You can use brick by brick customization to develop your framework by choosing only the functionalities you need. It also has an ecosystem of over 1000 plugins.

Availability of extensive documentation

Whether you are a newbie or an expert looking for solutions when using Symfony development, you will find answers. Symfony has one of the best documentation to ease the learning curve of users and developers. The documentation explains and illustrates all the components. With the support of a massive community, you will have the help you need when you need it.

Symfony is easy to test

Symfony contains PHP Unit independent library which allows for automated testing. It stimulates HTTP requests and verifies output independent of testing tools. You can, therefore, use a software that you can trust by testing code using unit and functional tests.

Symfony beats many PHP frameworks due to its richness in features and robustness. Some of its benefits include having a clear structure, reusable components, being highly expandable, not to mention vast documentation. Symfony has become the affordable a go-to PHP development framework for major companies looking to create modern, robust web apps. Huge companies such as Spotify, Trivago, and Dailymotion trust Symfony.

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