Choosing a Portable Gun Safe

Purchasing a new safe for your firearms is a great way to increase or maintain the security and safety involved in owning a gun. With a car gun safe, you can add an extra layer of calm to your peace of mind, whether you use it for travel or to store firearms at home. In addition to utilizing traditional safety mechanisms such as durable, steel construction, keypad entry and protections against theft and impact, these newer safes also often incorporate remote unlocking and monitoring features via a Bluetooth connection that sends vital information directly to your phone or another smart device.

Guns are usually required to be stored in a safe whether you have it with you when traveling or at home. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to high-tech vehicle gun safes, so it's wise to consider the following points before making your decision.


The first thing you should look at is what you’ll be storing and keeping safe. A smaller, one-firearm case can be portable and accommodate a magazine as well as the weapon itself, but it can also have room for important documents like passports or extra cash while you’re traveling. If you own multiple firearms or plan on purchasing more, you'll require a larger safe.


You should also consider where you’ll be storing the safe itself most of the time. The slim profile of a travel case will be easy to conceal, but a safe for more than two firearms will likely be more noticeable and should be ideally placed somewhere like a closet or locker so it can remain relatively hidden when not in your car. A larger safe, while capable of holding multiple firearms, may not be as feasible to move around. This makes a larger safe less likely to be on a list of popular car gun safes.


To get the most bang for your buck, look into extra items that can enhance the utility of the safe. A carrying case for the portable option can double as a lightweight range bag and add another layer of discretion. A pistol rack inside of a larger safe can increase the accessibility of the firearms once the safe is opened, as well as maximize storage space by storing them vertically.

The security of a firearm is always a primary concern for gun owners. An updated portable gun safe can take that sense of safety to the next level.