How does SMS Marketing Compare With Email Marketing?

Marketing in all forms is essential in some way. Still, with time and reactions from targeted customers, the businesses get inclined more towards some particular types of marketing more than others. This happens when you get a better response from some types of marketing than others. Naturally, you would like to give in more of your time, money, and effort, where you are getting positive results. And usually, the marketing forms which are not yielding you any good result as compared to others would not get as much importance from you over time.

Marketers and businesses have an approach these days to incline towards SMS marketing seriously. They are in the process experimenting with text message marketing, and also weighing its features, advantages, and disadvantages, etc. with other popular marketing forms where comparisons look rational. A very popular debate and contrast, which often marketers and businesses get into are between email marketing and SMS marketing.

Getting into the comparison of SMS and email marketing

With time many have realized and found that email marketing surely is good, but SMS marketing gets a few steps ahead in many cases when you compare between the two. It’s never advisable to give up on email marketing because emails give you the biggest scope to introduce your web address, social media links, and multimedia, etc. But then again it’s the emails only which gets neglected the most when not written well, and often finds their place into the spam/junk folder.

That's why if you are giving it enough time and effort in email marketing with the help that some of the emails may bring you, great clients, then you will be getting more returns from SMS marketing of you to give in that much of time and effort in it too. You can click here to learn more.

Get read instantly

The biggest advantage of SMS marketing is that SMS messages are extremely reachable. If you send a message to a person, the person would have to hover over the message to either check it, read it or delete it. Without taking a glance on the message, the person can't even delete it. And here, SMS messages always make their way through the senses of the reader to their minds. Email messages landing on to the spam folder are deleted in bulk. Nobody cares what's there in the hundreds of junk/spam emails they are deleting every day.

Framing the message

There is a lot of difference between framing an SMS message and an email message. Email messages can be constructed by adding lots of information, several lines and paragraphs with description, presentations, charts, images, product portfolio, social media links, call to action buttons, and what not. It surely gets very elaborate, but also lengthy and detailed at times. After all, that is the motto to make it elaborate and attention grasping enough to prompt the reader for clicking a link on it. And in the making of such an elaborate marketing email or newsletter, email marketers have to give in a lot of hard work, time and effort.

SMS marketing messages, on the other hand, doesn’t demand anything like that. SMS marketing messages are very much different for being short 160 characters scope to deliver information to the reader. Therefore SMSs are constructed thoughtfully and yet quickly, informatively and yet to the point, and without the frills and fancies. Hence readers would get least distracted while reading an SMS message, or would never get bored from an SMS message. Short, quick, apt, to the point informative messages, stating some product or offer is always a nice way to grab attention quickly.

You can track SMS message marketing

Just like email messages, you can track SMS messages too, and get all data about them from a customer relationship management system (CMS). Many SMS marketing companies offer their CMS. And if you are doing it DIY, then you may use a CMS of your choice and plan the campaign with it. A CMS helps you collect and arrange the data of your target customers whom you had sent the text messages. According to their reaction and response, as recorded by their calls or clicks, it can be understood how the messages have worked. And accordingly, you can gauge the interest of the readers based on their location, age, profession, gender, and many such things.

Reach those who barely use the email or internet

A great advantage of SMS marketing is that you can reach those sections of people, who are not using the internet or smartphone, or any modern and sophisticated gadget. Who says you can’t find customers among them? You can get customers anywhere if you are reachable. People not using internet services daily, not having an email account, or never checking their email accounts, or not having a smartphone or laptop, can surely be interested in your product, if only they get to know about it. And what else could be so very fast, conventional and used, and yet available for all than an SMS!

How to plan an SMS marketing?

SMS marketing can be planned in various ways. You may do everything on your own too or may contact an SMS marketing agency and get a package from them. Various packages are available for marketing, and one must be chosen as per your budget and business requirements. It’s okay to start DIY if you have a small business. But setting the extracted data, tracking data, and contacting customers through the CMS, and managing things can all get messy when you are on your own.

Being the entrepreneur, or business strategist or manager, you may not have all the time to sift through SMS marketing data and the next steps. You surely must give in more time to the business, production and other things. Hence, it’s best when you leave SMS marketing to the professionals, and stay sorted in every way.


The power of SMS marketing is immense if you learn to use it the right way. Proper, timely marketing can help you reach many people. At times this gets more effective and gives faster results than email marketing.