The Exclusive Benefits Of Water Cooled Chillers

A chiller is a machine that uses a refrigeration system for removing the heat from a load and to dissipate this heat into the surrounding environment. Apart from many large scale industrial facilities, the machine is also used for carrying out large scale cooling in the power plants, and in any other areas. The water-cooled chillers are more energy efficient when compared to the air-cooled chillers. Some of the important components of the water-cooled chillers are given below.

  • Cooling towers
  • TES reservoirs
  • Condenser and Makeup Water Pump
  • Chillers

The new and modern water-cooled chillers, as offered by the chiller and r134a refrigerant suppliers, consist of a microcomputer-controlled interface and design. The chillers can accommodate a wide range of temperature and are mostly operated in between 3° degree centigrade to 30° degree centigrade. You do not need an open space for installing these world-class chillers.

Apart from better efficiency, the water-cooled chillers also offer benefits including longer life and convenient size. Another factor that contributes to a preference for water chiller is that its efficiency is not hampered by the fluctuation in the ambient temperature. Chillers may be necessary for storing certain injections and medications in the pharmaceutical industry and in the dairy industry as well. Their use is also quite common in the meat, dairy, beverage and poultry industry. Below are the benefits of water-cooled chillers.

Noiseless Operation

The vents and pipes of the water-cooled chillers do not produce any noise and therefore provide better work surroundings. The water that flows within the pipes does not suffer from extensive contraction and expansion when compared to air. The feature and benefit of the water-cooled chillers is especially important in operational areas where customers or passengers are located nearby, such as schools and hospitals.

No Toxicity

Because water is used as a refrigeration medium, the water-cooled chillers do not have the same toxicity levels that other kinds of chillers might have. Employees and people can work around safely in areas where these chillers are operated.

Reducing energy bills

When compared to the air-cooled chillers, the water-cooled chillers offer film factors that may be up to 100 times higher. Because the operation of the chillers is a regular process, the higher energy efficiency of the machines leads to savings of astounding proportions, and the businesses can save much of their operating costs.


The high-quality water-cooled chillers remain unaffected by the external environmental conditions including snow, rain, heat, or ice when compared with the air-cooled chillers.

While investing in the water-cooled chillers may offer benefits and is good for long term returns, there are also certain drawbacks of the machine. These chillers often require greater maintenance and are not be suitable for arid areas. Because the water of the system may be lost during the operation (called blowdown), it is important to add more water to the system periodically. These systems also cannot be preferred in areas where humidity is high. Maintenance cost and frequencies can be reduced by using good quality water.

Choosing a water-cooled chiller can be a good option if the water supply is adequate and if more energy efficiency is desirable. A leading chiller and SF6 gas supplier will also offer you affordability related advantages, and help you get the best of machines that suit the scale of your operations.