Tips and Ideas for an Effortless Outdoor Soirée

Summer is the ideal season for throwing the perfect garden party. Who doesn’t enjoy a get-together organised in a garden or backyard, surrounded by tall green trees and colourful ambrosially smelling flowers bathing in much-awaited sunshine, accompanied by beautiful birds singing and crickets chirping? By adding comfortable furniture, delicious food and fresh seasonal cocktails, you make a perfect combo with nature. However, there are many things to consider when organising a summer soirée.

1. The setting

The basic thing you should undoubtedly start with is the setting. Okay, you have a garden or a backyard at your disposal. Next step is the aesthetics. Make sure that your lawn is mowed and neat. Plant some flowers around to give your yard a chic look. You can use Pinterest to find some ideas on landscaping. Making a plant wall will make a perfect outdoor eye-catching decoration. Pu some wind decorations, lawn decorations and ground lanterns to make your garden even more appealing. One important thing not to forget when thinking about the setting is the bug protection. It’s a good idea to spray the whole yard with a suitable bug spray to prevent any unwanted insects at your party. After all, no one wants a bug in their food or drink! Install some tiki torches that are both functional and pretty-looking.

2. The food & the drinks

Hosting the perfect summer soirée will require you to carefully consider the choice of food and drinks. Depending on the type of party you are throwing, so will your food vary. You can go simple, Mediterranean, rustic, seasonal, finger food, barbecue or classic dinner. Different type of food will require diverse serving dishes, plates and pots, so make sure you account for everything. Decorations and food representation are essential here. They are as equally important as the food. As far as drinks are concerned, icy cocktails are always an interesting choice. Offer your guests refreshing cucumber water, a chilly mojito or a fruit cocktail. They will love it! Reminder: try to make anything you can beforehand, so you wouldn’t feel stressed out on the big day.

3. The furniture & other commodities

It’s high time you thought about your outdoor furniture. Is it time to replace it and invest in a new table and chairs set or a corner sofa maybe? A swing seat? If yes, head to the stores and find the perfect furniture set for your home. A comfortable sitting area is of high importance for achieving a relaxed atmosphere. You can also use all kinds of decorative pillows and blankets for extra comfort and high-end look.

Another important thing many people forget about are sunshades. Whether you live in a country with a climate too hot or in an area where the climate is moderate, you still need a quality sun protection. For example, as Australia is one of the countries with the most extreme hot weather conditions in the world, sunshades are a high necessity rather than a mere decoration. People equip their yards with sun-blocking shade sails in Brisbane, so they are sure their guests are safe under these weather conditions.

4. Outdoor entertainment

The outdoors gives us a wide range of possibilities when it comes to organising some games. Some classics include corn hole, bocce ball and croquet. Some other options may include all kinds of balls, frisbees and badminton rackets, free for your guests’ use. You can organise some competitions as well. Have you thought about limbo dance? It might be amusing to your guests.

5. The ambiance

You can add a special touch to your party by installing special lighting dispersed around your backyard. It will create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. You can also use your Christmas lights to add a twinkling touch to your party. Or you can opt for scented candles that will give your yard a festive glow. Decorate the tables with potted plants or succulents The music also adds to the ambiance. Think about how you could arrange it according to your possibilities.

When you are aware of what you possess, how much you can allow yourself to spend and when you are familiar with your guests’ tastes, organising a backyard summer soirée should be a piece of cake. However, if you are uncertain about some things, go with the classics and you can’t fail.