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Preventive Maintenance: See 3 Benefits

by Laurie967 (writer) , May 20, 2019

let's give some tips on preventive or corrective maintenance in order to avoid these types of disorders and headaches.

Prevention is definitely the best medicine. This saying applies to many scenarios of our lives and with the machines is no different. The earlier you prevent a problem or a defect the better and for sure the cheaper it will be for your company.

In addition to costs, a completely damaged machine can cause even greater damage, such as data loss, productivity or operational failure caused by the lack of maintenance on the equipment.

So in today's post let's give some tips on preventive or corrective maintenance in order to avoid these types of disorders and headaches for you and your business. Follow us!

Avoid machine and data loss

Just like the human body, computers also need a periodic checkup to prevent bigger and more serious damage in the long run. Upgrading CMMS software, performing backups of files on servers, virus checking and removal of malicious programs, unauthorized access and junk mail are some of the primary preventive procedures to ensure and prolong the life and proper functioning of a machine. These tasks should be performed at least once every three months to prevent machine downtime, slow software, information loss, and overhead in the operating system, for example.

Any of these problems will certainly impact the quality of the work performed from that device, resulting in loss of time and productivity and depending on the problem, unnecessary costs and more than expected.

Long life to equipment

Cleaning your entire machine, especially peripherals and other attached devices, can also rid your machine of many future problems. And because it is something simple and simple, many do not give due importance to this question, which can increase - and much - the conservation of machines. One of the most common cases is the cooler. Over time a lot of dust and debris will accumulate in this component responsible for cooling the computer. Excessive dirt compromises its operation, directly affecting the performance of the equipment, leaving it slow and excessively hot. In a short time the high temperature overloads the processing boards, causing blockages and even irreversible damage to the parts, forcing the item to be exchanged - in addition to losing data. Periodic and preventive cleaning avoids such problems.

Saving when choosing the type of maintenance

Many companies with large technology parks and complex servers have been betting on the hiring of specialized companies to handle the maintenance of their machines and put an end to the disorders of this nature. Often, the cost of such hiring is less than directed to your IT staff for this purpose or in emergency situations.

So think carefully when planning. The cheap often comes out a lot more expensive. And remember: preventive maintenance is not spent, it's investment! Keep an internal team for this purpose or hire a specialized company for this. Who will win is you. And if you have any other tips or have good experiences on this topic, leave your comment and share your experiences and opinions with us.

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