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Get healthier with these 3 Lifehacks

by Editor (editor), , April 11, 2019

What can we do then to prevent all of this from happening? Keep reading.

If you observe the humans as a species, there is one thing that greatly helped us to survive all until today. That is movement. It secured our food, it built out shelters and fed our curiosity for distant places. It is a pretty important thing isn't it? Why do we reverse the natural and evolution process by moving insufficiently? And why do we move with difficulties and even pain?

Couch generation

Yes, the couch is the first reason for possible problems. When we say couch, we don't mean you should throw your couch through the window. Couch is a metaphor for a sedentary way of life. Studies say that 1 out of 5 people is not sufficiently active. From my point of view, the real numbers are much higher. I would be an optimist if I say 3 out of 5. Some of the sedentary ways of life dangers are: Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and Cancer.

On the other hand, when we say health we often think only on physical condition. We tend to forget our mental health as a part of our individual. A study from 2008 has shown that people with a lack of physical activity have a higher risk of mental health disorders like depression or anxiety.

What can we do then to prevent all of this from happening? Keep reading.

Hack #1 – Prioritize Movement

First thing first is to cut the fairy tales and start moving. When we say start moving, we are not talking of starting CrossFit routines that will exhaust your body. Yes, sometimes that is good, but it comes in some later stages. You should start building your movement routines step by step. You can start with 20 minutes of morning jogging combined with flexibility and mobility routines. Why people often complain about how they feel too tired in the morning? Tired of what, sleeping?

Or maybe you are too tired of your sedentary way of life that smashes your ambition to change something? You can also do that after your work-day is done, and guess what, they have some excuse that seems good enough only to them. Stop using tomorrow as a perfect time for something. The best time to start something is today. Start slowly, step by step. Start running, doing some flexibility and mobility classes, or just breathing classes because breathing is also a movement. We suggest joining a natural movement training. There you can learn primal and inborn movement patterns and fix the majority of your postural problems that can produce pain in your locomotor system. Whatever you pick, prioritize movement.

Hack #2 - Leave the concrete

Also, a metaphor. If you live in a big city, it is very hard to escape from it. But there is always a park around your block. For the ones who live outside the city, this should be a problem at all. There are numerous studies about positive impacts nature has on your health condition. This „leaving concrete stuff“ can refer to just visiting a lake, taking horse riding classes at weekends or planning your vacation in the mountains. The thing here is that you change an impulse your body is getting from the environment. If you are in nature, independently on what you chose, your input will become more natural. When you get that natural input you become more natural, more human than you are on that couch in front of the TV or behind the mobile phone screen.

Hack #3 – Choose your food

The golden rule here is 3 main meals with 1-2 smaller meals, depending on your daily routine and your calorie intake needs. Further, no processed food, no camouflaged sugars like in your „diet “juices and no junk food. What is left? All food that is not processed and burned out in old oils. You have a pretty wide specter. Our suggestion is to eat a healthy high fat meal in the mornings. A perfect example would be bacon and eggs. Some vegetables and meat or fish for lunch and the dinner can be a cold salad with some low-fat cheese. Nuts and fruits are a good choice for your snacks. The important thing here is to create a healthy habit. You probably have different habits you are unaware of, but you do them on a daily basis. Same thing here. First, it will be a bit hard to track a healthy food habit during the day but after a while, it will become your habit and something you do automatically. In the end, do we really need to highlight the benefits of healthy food?

All things said, now it is your turn to choose. On one side you have a couch option, always available and always under your reach. On the other side, healthy habits you can create to fulfill your life is standing. Chose the second option and prioritize movement, prioritize nature and prioritize healthy food. By doing that, you prioritize yourself, your wellbeing and your future.

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