Kitchen designs with unusual choices

A frequently overlooked, yet important area of any cozy home is the kitchen. Whether you are the chef type or the take-out person, it is definite that every individual spends a lot of time in front of a stove or the refrigerator. Due to the fact that no one wants to hang out in an unappealing kitchen, organization and layout are the first essential steps anyone who might be considering a remodel should take. Nevertheless, the inspiration to create a unique and show-stopping area might be more difficult to find than one would imagine. If you are looking for kitchen designs that are out of the ordinary, and which will help you spice up the area so you can barely contain the excitement of jumping out of bed and making your coffee, then this is the article for you. Here are some unusual choices to consider when picking the right kitchen design according to your preferences.

1. Do not shy away from using bright colors

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to revamp your kitchen is to go nuts when choosing colors. Even though a lot of homeowners might go for the safest route and pick a neutral kitchen, bold and bright colors are the latest trend for spring and summer. When asked what color is reminiscent of the sun, the vast majority of people will answer that it is the color yellow. Thus, if you want to bring a bit of the sunshine and happiness into your life, then consider a fresh coat of a vibrant yellow shade painted on natural wood cabinets. To keep it simple, the other kitchen elements, flooring and walls should remain white or of a neutral color. Feeling extra quirky? If so, add a couple of yellow chairs! Another fun way to add hints of yellow is to get your hands on some tropically inspired wallpaper, such as a pineapple pattern one. Abstract art can also be incorporated into the design in order to create an innovative and more modern look to any kitchen area. Not only are art pieces stunning, but they also make good conversational pieces.2. Understand the importance of countertops

Choosing the right countertop for your new kitchen can be stressful because you are usually presented with limitless options at the store. From top-notch designs to ones that come with high-tech features, a set of quality countertops are a must have in your cooking area. Striving for that elegant and luxurious look? If so, then definitely go for more expensive glass countertops which exude elegance. On the flip side, this choice might not be the best one to take if small children are around, due to the fact that glass countertops are more fragile than for say ones made out of quartz. As a matter of fact, people who have children and want to get them involved in a DIY project should consider creating a penny countertop. Even though this option is for patient people, it is a fun activity that can get the whole family together, not to mention the fact that the spare change will be made of use. The process is quite simple: Just collect the pennies and glue them to a wood countertop. Another unusual choice when considering interesting countertops is to invest in an aquarium kitchen island. This idea is best suited for bachelors or bachelorettes looking for spicing up their homes as they make outstanding conversational pieces. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the degree of functionality these essential kitchen elements have. For example, there are outstanding countertops on the market that have built-in sliders which reveal an area suited for meal prepping and cooking. 3. Make your life easier with cool appliances

If you want to make the whole cooking experience quicker and more fun, then kitchen gadgets or gizmos are essential. One gadget any child will adore is a silicone egg mold. This means that making breakfast will not be as monotonous as usual. The best thing about an egg mold is that it does not scratch the pan, and it is quite flexible. In addition, it can be used for making cute-looking pancakes. Another kitchen item that can save time is an innovative chopping board, fit for anyone who is a big fan of meal prepping. Due to its amazing built-in storage block, it is helpful when running low on space. Just cut and carry your favorite food staples with you wherever you go! Of course, there is the option to get an over the sink cutting board which comes with a handy expandable colander, perfect for easy rinsing. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are looking for appliances that are not only eye-catching, but also multi-purpose and convenient. An adjustable rubber mat roll is a necessity when it comes to preparing food more easily. Due to the fact that it has drainage holes, the water is allowed to pass freely through the mat. Homeowners are encouraged to look up other types of mats, such as anti-slip mats and door mats to make daily tasks easier and trouble-free. Another way to vamp up your kitchen and give it the modern look is to invest in touch-sensing faucets. These are brilliant and come in handy when the hands are too dirty. Thankfully, no more will you have to deal with the annoying part of getting cake batter or any kind of dirt on your regular faucet. Or try out a color changing faucets with a LED, which change colors with the temperature of the water, making it a perfect choice for children.

4. Think out of the box

Inspirational quotes and images are very important to any professional or even an amateur chef. If you are struggling with finding the right kind of inspiration to create an amazing dish, or you lack space (Cabinets can take up a lot of space!), then try out something out of the box and go for open shelves. Open shelves are an excellent idea to showcase anyone’s unique personality and to display interesting items, such as cookbooks and vintage wine bottles. So, gather your decorative bottles, exotic spices and stunning artwork, and create a truly unique display. A good tip is to make use of hooks and hang up different quirky cups and coffee mugs to maximize space usage. Or, as an alternative, anyone can gather a couple of adorable succulents or fresh herbs and put them on display. It is certain that all of your friends will be astonished by how creative you are.

All in all, many daily activities take part in the kitchen area, so it is a must to create a design that you are completely satisfied with. By experimenting with colors, shapes and different out of the ordinary objects, you are able to create a truly stunning kitchen area that is a real joy to use.