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Why Your Health Is Imperative To Your Ability To Drive

by Editor (editor), , February 04, 2019

Have you ever really questioned your health as with regards to your ability to drive properly, efficiently and safely?

Everyone wants the freedom to drive to wherever they want. A car gives us all that ability to literally escape from our usual way of life and go on holiday, go see friends from across the hill, or perhaps go on a road trip that will lead us to wherever it will. It's also the important aspect of being able to go to work and drop the kids off at school. A car does many things for us, but alas it's only a machine. It does not have free will and only we can move the levers and actuate the cogs that get the thing moving. The only way we can achieve this is to be healthy enough to drive. Driving is 50% mental and 50% physical. Our mind must be as sharp as our motor skills so we don’t endanger our own life or anybody else’s. But have you ever really questioned your health as with regards to your ability to drive properly, efficiently and safely?

Not quite hawk eyes

You don’t need absolutely perfect vision to drive but it has to be above a certain level. This isn’t because you need to see things that are miles away, but how rapidly things come into focus as you’re speeding along. Therefore it isn’t just a case of having 20/20 vision but rather, having eyes that can quickly adjust to changing light, small and large shapes, as well as being able to read letters are a reasonable speed. Someone who is careless enough to get behind the wheel without proper eyesight can find themselves at the end of a lawsuit. Someone like a wrongful death attorney will check over their medical records and or have eyesight tests done on the accused and be able to show negligence in court. This can achieve a good result for the harmed party and win them some kind of monetary compensation.

Cognitive skills aren’t elusive

For many people, hand eye coordination and being able to move quickly under pressure are the two biggest problems when it comes to driving. Sure, lots of people can drive on the highway, drive around like normal but, as soon as it comes to something complex they fall apart. Reverse parking is a notorious acid test where your cognitive skills come into play. This is because when reversing you need to turn the steering wheel the opposite way to where you want to go, and still be able to shift gears back and forth to make small adjustments. Your motor skills need to be good and healthy to not put yourself at risk or anyone else when you are performing such maneuvers. Horrible accidents can happen at high speed, but even low speed accidents can be very painful. Pedestrians are at threat if a driver is unable to make smooth transitions in how they control the car.

Cognitive skills and your eyesight are the two biggest health concerns when it comes to driving. It's imperative that you are honest with yourself and not drive if you eyesight is very poor and don’t have specific glasses. You may well just avoid a day in court that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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