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8 Cheapest Diabetes Products

by Editor (editor), , January 30, 2019

There are ways to cut costs by buying the cheapest diabetes products for everyday use.

Having diabetes can be pretty costly. People who have diabetes have to maintain constant supplies, so they can check their blood sugar and keep themselves healthy. Buying those supplies can be pretty expensive, but there are ways to cut costs by buying the cheapest diabetes products for everyday use.

Test Strips

Many big box retailers and online etailers offer diabetes test strips at very affordable prices. Buy test strips in bulk. Boxes that contain 50 or more strips often offer the best value for your buck. Some diabetes sufferers use multiple test strips per day, so it makes sense to purchase a large amount of strips at once.

Prep Pads

Don't get lazy when it comes to your insulin injections. Before you place any needle in your skin, you should prep for it first. Wipe your skin with an alcohol pad to disinfect the area, so you can avoid contamination that can lead to complications. Alcohol prep pads and swabs are available in boxes of 200 or more for very affordable prices online. These pads are very cheap, but they’re also invaluable.

Disposable Lancets

You don't want to re-use the same materials when it comes to testing your insulin levels. Stay safe by using disposable lancets, and don’t use the same lancet twice. When you can buy 100 or more lancets in a box for less than $20 online, it's very affordable to keep yourself safe with disposable lancets. They’re designed to be easy to use, and they’re easy to find at medical and diabetes supply stores.

Talking Glucose Meters

Once, this technology would be prohibitively expensive. But in today's tech-soaked world, talking glucose meters are incredibly affordable. You can find such meters online for less than the cost of a single meal at a restaurant. Many of these meters operate on lithium batteries, which can also be purchased cheaply online.


Maintain a logbook so you can maintain a regular schedule for your injections, meals and glucose tests. Diabetes sufferers know how important it is to maintain a schedule at all times. Don't rely on an electronic device to keep track of your schedule, because these devices can fail in many ways. The internet might go down, the device may run out of battery power or something else could go wrong. Use a paper logbook that's highly affordable and not subject to the whims of wireless internet.


Some of the etailers that sell a wide range of products offer syringes without needles, forcing diabetes sufferers to purchase their syringes and needles speartely. Websites that specialize in medical products, however, do no have this limitation. Buy your syringes as a ready-to-use unit from a medical supply store online, and you'll save a lot of money on your regular diabetes supplies.

Diabetic Wallet

Keep your essential supplies with you at all times with a diabetic wallet that can hold the items you may need in an emergency situation. You don't want to get stuck away from home and away from your supplies, and run the risk of diabetic shock or another serious complication. Diabetic wallets are designed as small pouches that are easy to carry, and some designs are wearable. This is an affordable and practical solution for any diabetic, and it really is an essential accessory.


Diabetic socks can keep your feet healthy and dry at all times. These socks are specially-made to prevent foot moisture and regulate circulation. Diabetic socks come in a lot of colors and styles in comfortable, padded designs. These socks are very cheap, and they can make a huge difference in your foot health.

Cheap Diabetes Products

There’s no rule that says you have to spend all your money on the regular diabetes supplies you need to use every day. Sometimes, it’s more practical to buy cheap medical supplies online, where they’re widely available. The diabetes-related items that you use everyday, such as test strips, alcohol wipes, syringes and all the stuff that goes along with having diabetes don’t need to be expensive.

Use online medical suppliers for your regular supplies, and keep yourself healthy with the cheapest diabetes products available. Spend less on all of your everyday diabetes supplies, because you need to save your money for purchasing insulin and medicine to maintain good health.

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