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10 Things to Consider Before a Makeup Shopping Spree

by Editor (editor), , January 25, 2019

So, here are a few things you need to consider before buying the makeup which complements your skin well.

Regardless of whether you are heading out to work or to party, you have to look your best to make your presence felt. However, buying the right makeup is no cake walk because not only is good makeup expensive, you might end up paying even higher consultancy fee to the dermatologists if you feel for the wrong one. So, here are a few things you need to consider before buying the makeup which complements your skin well.

1. Know your Skin Tone and Skin Type

Everyone has a different skin type and skin tone. The bright shade of lipstick which makes you friend look like a diva might spoil your complete look. So, go through various websites, vlogs and blogs by learned makeup artists to become well aware of what suits your skin tone the best. Plus, you can consult your dermatologists to check what the chemicals which you should have in your makeup are and the ones you should absolutely avoid.

2. Check if you really need it

To save yourself from compulsive makeup shopping (read hoarding), you should make it a habit to see which the products you actually need are. Only buy products of which you’ve hit the pan. If you think you can still do without buying some out of those as well, don’t buy new ones. Make a list of products that you thinks that you really need and then head to the store, or better, shop online.

3. Go for trusted brands

Well, this might sound a bit tricky knowing that the brands tend to be expensive. However, they are expensive because they use the best ingredients to protect your skin from any harmful chemicals. Plus, branded makeup is often long lasting once applied, requiring lesser number of recoats. Thus, it is value for money. Additionally, if you have a tight budget for your makeup, there are always offers for reward point holders, do not forget to miss out on them as well as sites which sell Wholesale Makeup to save you toms of money.

4. Checkout Product Reviews

Now that all the top brands are available online, you can check out the product reviews on the websites. You will find authentic reviews on websites as well as by little known YouTubers who do not work for promotions. The reviews will help you come across people who share the same skin woes as you so that you can see if the product suited them as well or not.

5. Seasons Affect Skin and Makeup Choices too

In winters, the skin tends to be dry and in summers, it’s oily. So, always look for the products according to how your skin behaves in a particular season. A powdered foundation might work well in summers to absorb the moisture, but the same can leave your skin patchy and dry in winters. So, choose wisely.

Now that you know everything you need to before buying makeup, follow them to save yourself from bed investments.

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