5 Foods That Go Really Well With Coffee

The clock strikes 10am. You’re in dire need of a post-breakfast, pre-lunch pick-me-up. You know coffee is part one of this snack, but what to pair it with?

Bibium love coffee. I mean, really love coffee, as is evident from their wide range of high-quality coffee and coffee machines. As well as being Fairtrade, all Bibium’s coffees are rated Specialty Grade or higher by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (the SCAA), making them amongst the best-tasting coffees in the world. Now, that’s something you can’t roast, and just have to boast about.

Today, they’re giving us the lowdown on five foods that go really well with coffee:

1. Coffee cake – double trouble? Might as well make your coffee order a double-shot by ordering coffee cake to match. Hunting for a coffee cake that’s not too flakey nor too sweet is key to complimenting a good brew.

2. Blueberry muffins – don’t think of it as the one left in the muffin basket, a tasty blueberry muffin pairs nicely with coffee as a mid-morning treat. A double dose of anti-oxidant rich food!

3. Burgers – when it comes to digging into a good burger, coffee gives us the strength to dive in for another bite. This is a power combo for sure, but going for a coffee that that has a bright, citrus taste will complement the lean flavours of the burger. Order up!

4. Pecan rolls – the sticker, the sweeter, the better. We can’t have a list like this without some sticky buns as a coffee break simply isn’t the same without one. A tall, dark cup of coffee tastes great with one.

5. Donuts – embrace the stereotypical cop diet by going for a plain cake donut and a cup of coffee. Full-bodied coffees pair up agreeably with these sweet treats.


Founded in 2012 by Wyatt and Grace, Bibium’s mission is to democratise the coffee industry and supply both coffee and top rate commercial coffee machines to offices and hospitality clients all over the UK.

With a focus on supplying offices and hospitality companies all over the UK, Bibium know that when it comes to a good cup of coffee, you should never compromise on taste or quality. Their honest business practice prioritises Fairtrade with beans that are sourced ethically, roasted locally, and priced fairly. When possible, the coffee they source is also organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.