Suffering from Low Back Pain? Switch to Memory Foam Mattress Today!

Are you suffering from low back pain and find it hard to sleep in the night? If yes, it is time for you to change your mattress. Both men and women that suffer from low back pain report that replacing their old mattress with a memory foam mattress has helped them sleep better. Some even have reported that they have alleviated back pain by changing their mattresses for a new one. When it comes to memory foam mattresses, you will find that most of them are affordable for homes and some come with great features at attractive prices.

Choosing your mattress for back pains

If you suffer from low back pain, you need to change your sleeping position so that undue pressure isn't created on your lower back. The best sleeping position for low back pain is on the side, stomach or the back. The memory foam mattress is perfect for all the above sleeping positions primarily because it helps the body get the support and contour it needs naturally when you are asleep. For instance, when you are looking for a comfortable sleep, you must have limited motion. In the case of innerspring mattresses, you generally will bounce when you move, and your body sinks into the mattress because of the number of coils and springs it has. This means when you are tossing and turning in bed, the chances of waking up is high. Moreover, when you get up from bed in the morning, you will feel all groggy and tired. This affects your mood and worse; your lower back will ache too.

Choose good brands for buying memory foam mattresses

When you are looking for memory foam mattresses, you should choose good brands and read their online reviews so that you get an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of their products. Notable brands like Brentwood offers great features at amazing prices. Check them out. When you are buying a mattress for your lower back pain, ask your doctor about the levels of support and firmness you should have. Memory foam mattresses come in different levels of density from firm to soft. Check them out on the market and order mattresses from stores that give you a free trial period to test the mattress before you finally buy them.

When you are reading customer reviews, check their quality, performance, and durability. You should also check and compare the warranty period that most brands give you when it comes to memory foam mattresses. The warranty period most companies give you generally last for 8 to 10 years. Check special features like cooling gel that will help you reduce the inflammation in pain affected region. When you have pain in any part of the body, you will find that the area becomes warm. A memory foam mattress with cooling gel will largely help you to remain cool. This helps to alleviate the lower back pain further and induce better quality of sleep the whole night.