Best Ever Instagram Apps For That Graphic Business Outlook

There are so many times you thought of using Instagram for marketing your business and it is a common thought nowadays. During such times, it is mandatory to create branded images, which might otherwise boost awareness around your firm. Creating that best ever graphic does not always mean you need to be a designer or photographer, mainly when you have the right tools by your side. With multiple Instagram apps right by your side, you can easily forget asking a graphic designer for help and just start working on your own to create that perfect business brand. But, with so many options available already, making the right choice is tough. For that, going through each IG app and testing out their features is important to get the job done right.

  • First is the Aviary:

Thanks to this amazing IG graphic designing tool, you can easily turn out some attractive images by investing few seconds. It comes with an easy usable interface, making up filtering and touch up quite a breeze. On the other hand, you have the liberty to add stickers and frames to images under one particular app. It is an easy usable and simple tool for the Google Play and IOS platforms, for creating frames, adding some of the new effects and then customizing IG image on an immediate count.

  • The market has LensFlare for you:

Lens Flare is known to be a professional form of tool, designed to enhance power of phones with built-in editor with some help of some of the impressive and unique effects. If you are a Photoshop fan, you will definitely appreciate premium apps from this source, with the same kind of functionality.

  • PXL is the third name in the list:

PXL is often stated as light in weight tool, which will help you to work on the IG image’s pixels. You have the liberty to choose from 9 distinctive styles and can transform the image instantly into abstract composition. Now, the thing with PXL is that it has limited capabilities. However, even with that, it helps in bringing out unique look to graphics. All you have to do is just pinch for changing image resolution or shaking device to some random compiled image out of the 9 of the pre-created styles.

  • Moving towards Tangent:

Tangent happens to be an amazing app, which is designed to remove that level of monotony from IG feed and then using various patterns and shapes for the sake of creating an amazing image. With the help of this app, you can always transform some of the boring pictures into an amazing and unique art form. There are 44 amazing and different shapes available, and with 66 patterns for adding as overlays. Even the pro developers from Gramblast would love to try this app put sometimes, for some of their bigger and important projects. You can easily combine the scale, shapes, position and rotate as per your will. If you want, you can try colorizing creations with some huge palette to work on and include some of the popular forms of blend modes for the field of layering.

  • Superimpose is the next one in the lot:

Are you planning to just combine two pictures right into one? For that, Superimpose is the name you can trust anyway. It helps in blending or juxtaposed images easily, with the help of a button only. First of all, you need to load a background and a foreground image. After that, you have to mask some of the unwanted parts of foreground image with masking tools. Later, smoothen out edges with smoothen tools inside app.

Later, you have to scale, move, resize, flip and rotate foreground for placing at right location on background image. Now, you have to adjust exposure, color, hue, contrast and saturation of background and foreground images to match the color. And you are done! You can now save this image to photo library at full resolution or just share it on Twitter or FB.

  • DXP and Tilt Shift Generator:

DXP happens to be a simplistic form of application, which helps in creating some double exposure appeal for the images of your firm. On the other hand, there is another famous IG marketing tool namely Tilt Shift Generator available. It helps in offering an easier way to create your respective tilt shift effect for sure.

  • Focusing on Average Camera Pro:

With the help of Average Camera Pro, you have the right to shoot some of your favorite pictures. Now, you might be wondering what’s so special about it. The specialty remains in its quality of picture, eve in darker situations. Even when it is pitch black or the light is quite low, you can easily create that stunning IG pic through this app. So, those days are long gone when light was the only way to get some clearer and brighter pictures in hand.

  • Focusing on LensLight:

LensLight is always the premium application, which will help you play well with lighting. No matter whatever effect you want, this app has that in store for you. There are so many lighting affects you can select and those are light leaks, lens flares, bokeh, spotlights and even the famous, rainbow effects.

  • 8mm Vintage Camera:

Sometimes, creating that graphic vintage image for your business will sell a lot more than just addressing a normal picture. Well, to help you out with your thought and requirements, Instagram came up with 8mm Vintage Camera. As you can easily understand from the name, this application will work really well to give that retro look through some of the 70 looks like color fringing, flickering frame, noir and 1920’2. On the other hand, you can try recording videos and even apply for that vintage look to current videos.

These are some of the most promising IG tools available lately, which help in creating that graphic look for your business. The market has so many more to choose from, and you can head towards anyone you like among the lot.

Author bio -

Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Social Media. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. You can visit Gramblast and learn how to build more follower presence.