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Top 5 treatment options for osteoarthritis you must know

by Editor (editor), , August 10, 2018

Here you will find osteoarthritis treatment options that are the best.

Osteoarthritis is the kind of arthritis which is physiological and biomechanical disease. It occurs when the cartilage in between bones wears away or breaks down, leading to acute pain in the joint area. The pain is simply due to grinding or rubbing of the bones against each other. It is not exactly the disease of elderly people solely. People below the age of 60 years can also have it. The main causes of osteoarthritis are aging process, obesity and overuse of joints. Anyone who is involved in a kind of demanding sports may have this condition. It mainly affects the weight-bearing joints such as the hips, the knees, spine and feet. Apart from pain in the region, the person experiences tiredness and exhaustion. Here you will find osteoarthritis treatment options that are the best.

The common signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis

There can be a sharp pain in the joint region or problem in combing hair or dressing. If you were a dancer or an athlete in your young age, you may experience pain when moving out of the bed. The pain mainly shows in the morning when you wake up from sleep. The joint feels warm when you touch and this is accompanied by morning sickness. There will be difficulty in bending and sitting while you also notice inflammation around the joint area. For the treatment of this joint condition, the doctor may prescribe you certain medicines, massage therapies and exercises. If nothing works out, you may be asked to undergo a surgery.

Medicines to manage pain and discomfort

Medication is the best way to get rid of joint inflammation, swelling, redness and pain in the joints. Medication is also an effective spondylosis treatment. If the symptoms are just mild, you will be prescribed over-the-counter drugs. Their effects are anti-inflammatory to get rid of pain, swelling and redness from the joint area.

Injections and steroids

If the pain on the region is debilitating, the doctor can give injections. The solution will directly be injected into the region of pain. Some of the popular options are:

  • To reduce joint stiffness and to lubricate the joints, Hyaluronic acid may be injected
  • Corticosteroid injection may help to reduce swelling and inflammation. But, the pain relief can be just temporary
  • If there is severe pain on the knees, platelet-rich plasma therapy can be administered. Here the platelets are directly injected into the knees to give relief from pain.

Physical therapy and relief from osteoarthritis

To restore flexibility of joints, the doctor can suggest low-impact therapies. Some of them are yoga, swimming and other forms of exercises. You will be suggested a physical therapist to teach you proper posture.

Stretching exercises can help a lot

To relieve achy, painful and stiff joints, you may be asked to do stretching exercises. It should be done on a regular basis but if there is any pain in the region, stop doing the exercise.

Joint supplements and alternative therapies

Natural therapies are effective treatment for osteoarthritis. The popular treatment options falling within the category are hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage and joint supplements. Natural therapies can prove effective only when you combine it with the intake of joint supplements.

Losing weight is the first and foremost thing you have to do. Get enough rest, change the diet and switch to low-fat diet. For rheumatoid arthritis treatment also, you may choose some of the above mentioned treatment procedures.

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