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4 Tips to Help Seniors Deal with Arthritis

by Editor (editor), , August 03, 2018

We are going to share some advice and experiences which might help you help your loved ones.

Taking care of our seniors is never an easy task as caregivers like A Better Way in Home Care can attest, but it surely is the one we can put our hearts into to, in a way, repay all the love and care we’ve been given when we were kids and over the following years.

Not everyone has enough time or even will to dedicate to our elderly, hear them out, see to their needs and desires, and basically make their life much easier and comfortable, but if you can, sharing experiences and talking to other people surely helps a lot, just as in any other aspect of life.

The topic we will be covering today is arthritis and which orthopedic gear to use in order to help ease pain and everyday movement, we are going to share some advice and experiences which might help you help your loved ones.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

One of the ways to help battle arthritis is to use orthopedic items to relieve pain and generally improve quality of life and ease of movement.

You can’t pinpoint a universal solution that is going to work for everyone. Each person has their individual experience, preferences and body type which react differently to orthopedic equipment.

The price of the item also does not have to guarantee that the user will feel satisfied and relieved, and it is always best to try a few variants and see what fits best and is most comfortable.

For example, expensive leg bracers from a renowned manufacturer do not have to be a guarantee that the person they were intended for is going to enjoy them more than some standard bracers from Walmart, or any other store.

Use Walkers

A walker is a great solution for people who have problems with both legs because it helps them lean on and transfer the pressure from the legs to the upper body and by doing so make it easier to move around.

If only one leg is problematic then a stick can be used, but the problem here is that too much pressure is put on one healthy leg, which is not the best solution in the long run. Walker avoids that side effect as it nicely balances out the use of both legs and helps increase overall stability.

Invest in Tailored Instep Shoes

Another interesting example is for people who are recommended to use specially designed instep shoes to help them move more easily while they struggle with lower back pain and arthritis. These shoes are expensive but you can never be 100% sure that you would find them helpful.

You can be more creative and just test some standard ones made for people who normally pronate, it sure doesn’t cost a lot to try. Pronation itself can also be painful but orthotics are designed to bring relief, and the best part is that you don’t need to dive deep into your pocket for some expensive ones at all. Try out standard models made of hard material and see how it goes.

Get More Sleep

How we sleep affects immensely how our day is going to look like. Are we going to feel rested, enthusiastic and full of energy or tired, cranky and probably in pain.

The mattress plays a huge role here and is basically a key factor in getting a good rest. Picking the right one is not really easy but it certainly pays off because nothing can replace a good night sleep relieved of arthritic pain.

Now that we’ve mentioned mattresses and how important they are, there is an additional item that serves the same purpose and might even help further decrease pain and prolong periods of good, quality sleep. We are talking about toppers with memory foam of course.

They are designed to help adjust to the position you sleep in and make it as comfortable as possible. In addition to mattress and topper, you can also place pillows between your legs, or behind your back to further adjust the position of your body so that you can get the best results.

As mentioned above this is all individual and you need to test various options to find what helps you most.

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