8 Tips to Increase Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rate

They say that for web property, traffic is everything. True! But, traffic alone is not all that useful.

Having a lot of traffic coming to your web pages isn’t enough; you must monetize it or at least use it to build an email list. For that, squeeze pages work best. Squeeze pages are designed to grab the attention of your audience and have them read more, buy your services or products, click on banners/links or sign up for a newsletter.

Optimizing a squeeze page for a high-conversion rate can be difficult if you have no idea about the elements that you must work on to increase the conversion rate of a squeeze page. Therefore, in this post, we’ll highlight eight important tips to help you optimize your squeeze page for a high conversion rate.

Provide Value to Your Audience

You must craft a campaign through a squeeze page that is valuable to your audience. For this purpose, you must focus on your buyer persona. What motivates people to buy your product? Maybe they wish to increase their performance or improve their lifestyle.

By understanding such personal desires and motivations of your audience, you can connect with them on a more personal level. These considerations will help you decide the type of content that you must gate behind the squeeze page. Whether it is a case study, white paper, a video or an eBook, the desire and needs of your audience should guide you.

Understand the Pain Points of Your Audience

In order to increase the conversion rate of your squeeze page, you must guide your visitors through a sequence divided in three parts: acknowledgement of pain, understanding of pain and solution for pain.

For example, when creating a squeeze page you can relate to a pain point of your audience in the first line. Then, you can go forward by showing that you understand what your audience experiences. At last, you can offer a tangible solution that addresses the pain of your audience. However, remember not to give away too much information as it will diminish the purpose of your squeeze page.

Minimize Distractions

If you want visitors to leave their contact information on your squeeze page, you must minimize distractions. Eliminate extra buttons, navigation capabilities and links that can take your audience away from your squeeze page.

A Video is Helpful

Depending on your target audience, a video can be great for your squeeze page. VM Interactive believes video is the key to increasing conversion. So, make an awesome video that provides a lot of value to your audience and that shows them how your offer can address their problem and make their experience better.

In the middle of the video; after you’ve captured the attention of your audience, you can strategically place opt-in forms that require the audience to enter their email to watch the rest of the video.

Headline Should be Benefit-Driven

The headline of your squeeze page is extremely important. The good thing is that creating a compelling headline for your squeeze page is simple. You just have to clearly state what people will get from the page. Right the exact benefit your audience will get from your squeeze page in a way that it compels the visitor to read on.

Leave an Information Gap in the Headline

A crystal clear benefit and an information gap make a killer headline. People absolutely hate information gaps and they’ll do anything to close the gap. When creating a headline leave an information gap by using something mysterious that people are not aware of and can compel them to read on.

Clear CTA

When you have hooked your reader with the headline that describes the benefit and has an information gap, tell them what they must do next to solve their problem through a clear call-to-action. For example, you can write: “Type in your email address to try it out”.

Testing for Optimization

The last thing you need to do to increase the conversation rate of your squeeze page is to check it for consistency across design, visual elements and language. Is the body of the page aligned with the headline and call-to-action? Is the squeeze page compelling enough to have the audience to drop in their contact information? There are various tools that can be used to test different elements of a squeeze page for optimal conversion.