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Does Health Insurance Cover a Car Accident Injuries?

by Editor (editor), , June 07, 2018

Will your health insurance provide coverage car accident injuries as well? Go through the post and explore the basics right away!

Do you drive on the road carefully? Even if you do that, the probability of meeting with a road accident is more since you don’t know how others are riding. Hence, road accidents are quite common and may knock you off without cautioning in advance.

So, if you are wondering if your health insurance policy covers car accident injuries, let’s explore!

Picture this! You had a health insurance plan and met with an accident. Will your health insurance policy provide you coverage for the car accident injuries? Consider these points to know more.

Vital health insurance coverage for car accident injuries aspects

  • You should be informed to know that not all health insurance service providers have a mandatory accidental coverage included in the standard policy. On the other hand, they may permit you to go for an exceptional rider such as personal accident insurance. Thus, when you are out to buy insurance policies, make sure to ask about the inclusion of the personal accident insurance.
  • For such medical insurance service providers who do offer the personal accident insurance on its own, or by default, there is a possibility of having an upper limit on the coverage for numerous medical services. For example, insurance companies can have a higher ceiling on the ambulance cost, doctor’s charges, and hospital room, and more.
  • It is always advisable to go through the terms and conditions, or the fine prints of the health insurance policy carefully. It is to ensure that an accidental coverage is a part of standard health insurance scheme. If you find that it’s not included, you can also ask your health insurance service provider to include it.
  • A health insurance policyholder might be asked to pay a higher amount in the form of the premium if they wanted to include personal accident insurance.

Health insurance and personal accident cover

These days, you may find many leading, and online health insurance companies offering a particular amount of accidental coverage with the standard policy. However, they also mention the charges specified in the policy if there will be extra charges.

As a result, it would always be advisable to spend a little more and get the personal accident insurance included in your regular health insurance plan. It is essential to avoid any breach of interest, conflicts or claim denials between you and your health insurer.

What’s more, including a personal accident coverage as part of your car insurance plan will also be good if you don’t have an accidental expense covered by your policy.

Valuable advice: It is needless to mention here that a health insurance policyholder should take all efforts to read the terms and conditions of your policy. Being aware of the clauses of your health insurance policy inside out can help you get more out of it.

Also, you should never assume the policy will cover all accidental claims or medical expenses from day one or by default. It is because every health insurance company has its own terms and conditions, and the details of a plan may vary from insurer to insurer.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to health insurance policies or anything else for which you are dependent on others to offer you respite (money), it is better to stay aware than never!

Since you are now well-versed with the basics of discussed the situation, it is better to read, assess, understand, evaluate everything before deciding and never assume or presume for sure!

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