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6 quick ideas to lose your weight and put your body in Shape

by Editor (editor), , May 03, 2018

Weight is just a number. Close your eyes and imagine a 195-pound man. How does he look like?

For some, it can be an overweight man, and for others, it can be a chiseled weightlifter. Our weight has little to do with our shape. It all depends on whether it is fat or lean muscle. And this is why losing weight is just half the fitness journey.

To get your desired body shape, you need to take your fitness game up a notch. This means you need to do more than putting the pizza slice back. In fact, you need to pick up a pair of dumbbells as well.

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Sounds overwhelming? It doesn’t have to. With the right routine, you won’t have to wait and work for years to get in shape. If you work smarter, you won’t have to work unnecessarily harder.

So, here are six quick ideas that can help you lose weight and get in shape.

Set the Right Goal

As we said, losing a certain number of pounds will not put your body in shape. If you are inspired by a celebrity, you need to understand that their weight is ideal for their height and physical structure. That is what BMI is all about. You need to set your goal according to that BMI.

However, keep in mind that the BMI varies with fitness goals. For instance, a bodybuilder or fitness model might have a weight that might be overweight on a regular BMI chart. So, when setting goals make sure the number relates to the body shape you wish for.

Focus on Problem Areas

Most women want that perfect hourglass figure and most want to have that wineglass physique. But not all men and women have the structure for that. We are all born with a different bone structure. Some have a broader shoulder and a narrower hip. Apple, diamond, pyramid, inverted pyramid – these are all the terms used to define our natural body structure. Based on this structure, we have our problem areas such as lower body, upper body, abdomen, etc.

If you know your body right, you can create a routine that focuses only on those areas. It will help you target your problem in a much efficient manner. This will also expedite the results.

Lift to Gain Some

There are benefits to gaining lean muscle mass. Lean muscle can actually improve your body’s ability to metabolize and burn fat. Therefore, muscle building workout will, in turn, help you lose the flab much faster. So, adding strength training to your routine will work better than simple cardio or yoga.

Hourglass or wineglass, the ideal shape is one that has the right amount of muscles in the right place. You can’t get sexy without those healthy curves.

Make Healthy Meals

There seems to be a lot of confusion about a healthy diet plan. People on a mission to lose weight often confuse it with starving, and those who wish to gain muscle think it is okay to stuff their bellies with all the fast food they can find. A healthy diet means a diet with the perfect balance of all the nutrition. You even need the right amount of fat and carb to keep your body running.

Instead of omitting fat from your life, go for healthy fats such as nuts and olive oil. It will help your craving for unhealthy food all the time.

Follow a Two -week Plan

There is nothing more heartbreaking than hitting a weight loss plateau. If you want to keep seeing a difference, modify your routine from time to time. Most fitness experts believe it is best to change your routine every two weeks. You don’t have to flip the routine. Just adding and removing a workout according to your goals is a good way to keep the gears running. You are likely to see the results much faster this way, and that too without hitting the dreaded plateau.

Try Waist Training

No matter what your ideal body looks like, there is no way it doesn’t involve a slim and tiny waist. Unfortunately, for most people, it is the place with the most stubborn flab. You need to do more than diet and exercise to get rid of that fat. Waist training is a helpful option. Use high-quality waist clincher or a compression belt during your workout to lose the maximum amount of fat in one session. The best part is, you can find similar products for other problems areas as well.

You Are Almost There!

It may seem impossible in the beginning, but with the right approach, you can put your body in shape without wasting time and money on fads. You need to understand your own body and be more consistent with the approach. If one thing doesn’t seem to work, switch to another. With the right ideas at work, you will get in shape in no time.


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