Fighting for Fitness

You’ve always been fascinated by the martial arts. But simply watching Bruce Lee movies isn’t cutting it anymore; you want to do them yourself. Let’s get training. It’s never too late to begin practicing martial arts! While our vision of martial arts may often involve large classes full of many young kids, those aren’t the only form that martial arts instruction takes. Far from it, in fact! Martial arts includes a huge range of disciplines and styles, which can be taught in either group settings or in individual lessons. More than 3.5 million people enjoy martial arts lessons and events every year. Martial arts can be a hobby, a passion, or even a profession. For you, it could even simply be a way to get in shape!

Should you be in shape

Maybe you are concerned that you aren’t in the physical condition necessary to get into martial arts. That’s understandable, and it is certainly possible to be in a physical state that makes even beginning training difficult. However, that’s rare, experts say, and martial arts studios welcome folks of all shapes and sizes. If you’re in good enough shape to jog, then you’re in good enough shape for the beginning lessons of most martial art forms.

Choose your discipline

So, which discipline should you choose? There are so many great ones! Jiu Jitsu is one of the most valued disciplines in mixed martial arts, and it is very trendy right now. Taekwondo has long been among the most popular disciplines in America. It’s also easy to find training and lessons for. Related disciplines, such as tai chi, incorporate martial arts movements, but place less emphasis on combat.

Looking at information about the various disciplines online is a great place to start. You can get a sense of the styles and the values inherent in the disciplines just by doing a little homework. However, to get a real taste, you’ll want to try them for yourself. Why not take one beginner’s lesson in a few of your top choices of discipline? Or, you could at least visit studios and meet teachers for brief discussions of the styles in question.

Ultimately, nothing should hold you back from enjoying the hobby you’ve long dreamed of trying. You can ease into things by testing out various styles, reading online literature, and even learning from YouTube videos, although it’s best to do this just to get a taste of things. Prolonged self-instruction might lead you to develop bad habits, or even injure yourself! If you’re in good enough shape to get started, you may find that this passion is just what you need.

“If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” -- Bruce Lee