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Weird Things That Keep People Up at Night

by Editor (editor), , November 26, 2017

The obvious ones that we all know include being stressed, or depressed, irregular sleeping patterns due to your job, and a worn-out mattress.

If you are unable to sleep well, the reasons could be plenty. The obvious ones that we all know include being stressed, or depressed, irregular sleeping patterns due to your job, and a worn-out mattress. But, there are several other reasons, which play a role in spoiling your sleep. Here is a list of some weird, yet common things that can keep you awake.


Nightmares are a part of our sleep. Nightmares can affect the sleep quality, especially if they are too frequent. It can wake you up feeling frightened and prevent you from falling asleep again. Frequent nightmares can even instill a fear of falling asleep and force you to stay awake.

Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth grinding is a common habit in the people who are stressed out. It is called Bruxism in medical terms. The clenching and grinding of teeth can happen during daytime as well as night. It is often exacerbated when you have had a very hectic or stressful day.

The misaligned jaw can also cause teeth grinding as your teeth rub against each other to find a position that is more comfortable. Whatever may be the reason, Bruxism can affect the quality of your sleep and even cause sore jaw muscles and cracked teeth.

Making Up Stories

Unpleasant thoughts, stress, and worries are the common causes of sleeplessness. However, sometimes, being completely stress-free can also be the culprit.

For most of us, getting to bed is the perfect time to cook up interesting stories. Our fantasies get a boost when your mind is free from the other chores. Your mind loves to indulge in “daydreaming” about having achieved your target, being praised by others, having lost oodles of weight, looking beautiful, and so on. These pleasant thoughts can keep you from sleeping well.

Frequent urination

Our kidneys are designed to slow down their work at night. This facility is provided to the body so that the kidneys do not produce as much of urine as it produces during the daytime. This can help you to sleep well as you do not have to get up again and again to visit the restroom.

However, some disorders such as diabetes and urinary tract infections can affect this ability of the kidneys. The increased secretion of urine even at night can force you to get up again and again and affect your sleep.

Uncomfortable Mattress

That is not so weird reason but some people still do not see a correlation between comfortability of their mattress and quality of sleep. The main causes of awakening in night are low quality of mattress and level of firmness that does not match your sleeping position.

This article will help you to choose the right mattress for your sleeping position.

And this one to compare the most popular mattresses on the market and make a right choice.

A Guilty feeling

The night is the time when your actions and behaviors can begin to make sense to you. You might realize how rude or unruly you have been to others. The ghastly silence of night can put you into a meditation mode and awaken your hidden emotions and feelings.

This may instill a feeling of guilt for the wrong things you have done to others and prevent you from sleeping well. This cause of sleeplessness has been found to be more common in women than men. Most women confess to losing sleep due to guilty conscious as they are more empathetic compared to men. If they have done something wrong, or believe someone may have interpreted their actions in a wrong way; they are likely to lose their sleep over this.

Politics and sports

This one’s more common in men. Men are inclined to be interested in sports and politics. They want to stay updated about everything that’s happening in their state, country, and the world. They want to know who will win the football match that still has a week to go.

They stress themselves thinking about the political scenario in their country and the consequences of their favorite team losing a match. In the bargain, they sacrifice their sleep.

Being Good

Yes, you read it right! Being good to others and helping them out in their times of need can sometimes become a cause of worries and affect your sleep. People, who are supportive and do things such as giving money to the needy or homeless, experience worries, which stop them from sleeping well.

Isn’t this surprising? You may not have imagined that your lack of sleep could be the result of something as weird as grinding your teeth or helping others. Now that you are aware of the lesser known causes of sleeplessness, take steps to eliminate them so that you can enjoy sound sleep without any disturbances.

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