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2017 AI Trends to Look Out For

by Editor (editor), , August 21, 2017

Here are some of the most exciting trends in artificial intelligence so far this year.

AI is constantly evolving and becoming a part of many aspects of business as well as life in general. Businesses all over the world are developing and improving their use of AI software in order to optimize business and truly give their customers or clients the best service they can offer, in the fastest and most efficient way they can. One notable company is Expert System, an Italian company, which is now using artificial intelligence software to understand the meaning of written language the way that humans do. With cognitive computing and text analytics software, artificial intelligence algorithms are able to produce knowledge, information and ultimately, meaning. This development is only one way that computers are leveraging artificial intelligence amongst business practices. Other big names investing in A.I include of course, Google, who recently bought A.I startup Deepmind for four hundred million dollars. Facebook, Uber and Apple are all also investing in this ever-expanding technology.


Here are some of the most exciting trends in artificial intelligence so far this year.

China’s AI boom

This is the year that China has been expected to become a major player amongst the world of artificial intelligence. Innovative practices are being implemented instead of using the same approach that other companies from Western countries are using. Furthermore, the Chinese government has even pledged to invest around $15 billion by 2018 in order to drive greater development for China’s AI industry.

Language learning

Language is a common buzzword amongst the artificial intelligence industry. With so much potential there, a maingoal is to create progress withvoice and image recognition.This way language can be parsedand generated more effectively by computers, making computers infinitely more useful. As text is produced from computer data, this opens up doors for the learning of language and communication. Siri has already been a great development amongst conversation, but we can expect to see greater advancements this year.

Virtual agents

We already see chat bots being used, a primary example of how ‘virtual agents’ are being used to communicate with humans. Alexa, Echo’s intelligent assistant, is able to listen and communicate back to humans, capable of reporting the weather, playing music from streaming services, reading short entries available online or even making shopping lists. There is a significant drive to make these virtual agents more human and understand what people want from them.

More targeted AI systems

With the current state of the artificial intelligence industry, new opportunities for where and with what artificial intelligence software can help with are being created. New targeted AI systems are expected to surface and begin development. For example, autonomous vehicles including cars and drones will see a great focus. In addition, industry-specific AI will kick start development amongst finance, health, security and retail industries.

Developed system to combat information overload

To overcome information overload, we can expect to see artificial intelligence develop to deconstruct information. For example, automatic summarization will help users get straight to the point of text, video and audio. Also, data extraction will help turn ‘dark data’ to ‘structured information’.

Artificial intelligence technology is evolving and becoming more impressive as time goes on. It is worth staying up to date because it certainly is not going anywhere. To be part of the business world, especially the technology world, staying aware of the current trends will benefit you immensely. Technology only continues to change and develop, and it does so rather quickly. The developments and change we will see due to artificial intelligence will surely alter how we approach information in this information age.

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