Pinning with a Purpose: Tools for Successful Marketing on Pinterest

Successfully marketing your business starts with being present on all online platforms. Pinterest has become a popular source for searching for recipes, fashion tips, and best-selling books. It also presents businesses with the opportunity to reach their consumers. The following tips will have you on your way to pinning success.

1.Feature Your Business Name On Your Profile

When you begin creating your Pinterest site, make sure your business name is featured prominently. You will want it to be listed as your username. On the about section of your profile, write a short paragraph about what your company offers and be sure to add and verify your domain name. If you don’t have one yet, a domain name suggestion tool can help you quickly find a relevant and memorable domain and a simple platform like WordPress will allow you to quickly get a website up and running.

2.Tag Other Pinterest Users to Network

In order to network with other professionals on Twitter, simply tag them. If you type “@username” you will instantly be connected with others in your industry or potential clients. In this way, you can share content in from your Pinterest page that they may share with their followers. Increasing the amount of times your posts are pinned will expand exposure.

3. Comment on Other People’s Pins

Get the word out about the name of your business by commenting on other’s pins. You can contribute valuable information you have on your industry. This will help you establish your credibility and build a loyal following. If others see you have valuable information to contribute, they may be more likely to visit your page and and repin your posts.

4. Repin Other People’s Content

You don’t want your Pinterest site to be all about you as the social platform is known for how people share one another’s ideas. If you see something informative or usable for your followers, repin it. This will show you are aware of developments in your industry. The person whose content you repin will also be notified via email. They may decide to share one of your pins in return which means you can potentially gain some of their followers.

5.Use Videos on Pinterest

Standing out from you competition on Pinterest is all about honing in on original content. One area of Pinterest that few businesses explore is the video section. Post your promotional video on Pinterest to gain more interest in your organization. You can also feature instructional videos that prove beneficial to your audience. Keep in mind that material that is seen as useful to the viewer will likely be repined for future reference.

6.Write Well-Written Descriptions that Use Keywords

When, you will want to stick to 200 to 250 characters. Optimize descriptions for search engines by including keywords. Also incorporate hashtags somewhere in your writing. This will make it easier for users to find you using the Pinterest search bar.

7.Contribute to Popular Group Boards

Group boards are a great way to attract followers quickly. When people pin in group boards, they are given the option of following everyone that contributes to the particular board. This exposes you to a new audience while also giving you access to content from others publishing work pertaining to your industry. Group boards are a great source for exposure and offer additional pins you may want to share with your followers.

8. Repin Your Most Successful Content

If you see that one of your pins has been repined a lot more than others on your page, repin it. You’ve already seen that the post is successful so it’s very likely it will get repinned even more. Getting people into the habit of pinning your posts and revisiting your site is key in marketing your business.