5 Reasons Golf Is The Best Sport Around

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We’re blessed with loads of great sports in our world, with fans from different sectors screaming their sport is the best. Today, the focus is on a sport that often gets a lot of stick; golf. Here are five reasons you’ll fall in love with golf, as it’s the best sport around:

There Are Handicaps For Bad Players

Is there anything worse than playing a sport you’re bad at? Who has fun playing with their friends if they’re all much better than you? With golf, steps are made to help bad players enjoy the sport more. There are handicaps which allow players of all abilities to play against each other on a relatively equal playing field. A handicap knocks off a certain amount of strokes from your score, depending on your golf ability. It makes the sport a lot easier to get into, as you’re given a bit of a crutch to help you get going and improve your ability.

So Many Tournaments To Watch

The beauty of golf is that there are so many tournaments you can watch throughout the year, with each one lasting a few days. The PGA tour starts in October and pretty much runs through to October of the next year, with a tournament taking place nearly every week. This means there’s loads of live golf to watch, and you’ll never get bored!

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There’s A Lot Of Technology Involved

Golf is great as there’s a lot of cool tech involved in the game today. There are so many amazing things you can buy that will improve your game. This ranges from golf simulators that you can use in your home, to things called golf GPS devices - as seen on sites like Golf Gear Geeks. Why does this make the game so great? Because technology makes things a lot more fun, and it also gives you plenty of things to play around with if you become a golf enthusiast.

You Get To Drive Around In Golf Buggies

How many sports let you drive around the playing area in a cool little buggy? With golf, you’ll be playing on large courses that can be hard to get around. So, you’re allowed to drive buggies between each hole. It’s so much fun and adds that little extra element of excitement to every game. Sometimes, you can even have mini races with your friends to see who can make it to the next hole the quickest.

Golf Has The Best Playing Areas

Golf definitely wins the award for the sport with the most beautiful playing areas. In golf, the playing area is known as a course, for sports like football or soccer, it’s a field of sorts. The amazing thing about golf courses is that they’re often in gorgeous locations. There are some on cliffsides overlooking vast and stunning oceans. You have others in lovely country clubs surrounded by glorious forests. You truly get to take in the beauty of nature when you play golf, which is something you don’t get in other sports.

If you’ve never been interested in golf then maybe this article has changed your view! There’s a lot to love, and it’s one of the more interesting and competitive sports out there.