Thursday, March 21, 2019

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I have recently acknowledged a glaring flaw in my writing. Thus i got rid of the floor. End result? The floor doesn't glare at me anymore. I read and i quote from Rex Ranshabibubado's best selling Novel, 'how to straighten the bend in your banana and use it as a straight edge by holding it at an angle against any crooked surface within reason.' QUOTE: "You people of word must realize that you have to my golly by golly write your little wordies to encapsulate and reverbitrate every essence of 'simple' so that in effect the lowest common denominator... Read More

Loved ones are important and so are the gifts that we choose for them for their birthdays, anniversaries or parties. Gifts speak tonnes about our feelings for the person. A well chosen gift can brighten anyone’s day and help form a permanent bond of love and support between two people. Gifts have been the age old way of conveying message of the heart. Hence, it is important to know what gift suits which occasion. Here are some of the options which are physical manifestations of your feelings-

1. Coffee Mug with Photograph

A great and trendy idea to manifest your thoughts and love... Read More


Mate of mine...actually not a mate, more of a foot constantly in mouth, is wrapped in a person. Someone special. Someone sensitive, It's true,you can't take back what you say or do whether in jest or serious.

Whether administered by a feather like comment of passion or a jealous type sledge hammer blow of anger that makes you want to use that sledge hammer on yourself at the end of the day...or night, when doubts and fears lurk free in the subconscious,real or imagined. Unchained.

One thing in a guy's favor whether drunk or not (children... Read More


Jeeze! Engagement rings! Look! I'm a man, at least was the last time i checked. Serious, looking at engagement rings because... it's a long drawn out story.

Thumbing through engagement ring flotsam and jettison (why wouldn't you jettison a $65,000 ring!) and there it was. A $65,000 ring. What woman may i ask...deserves a ring like that of inordinately expensive 'spur of the moment' leave of male senses?

Even on tele in these days of scarce/unemployment, surely a guy would have to be thinking with his 'free willy' bald- headed back up or down... Read More


If i don't get any comments on this post, and i won't get more than one, i would suggest, then as far as i'm concerned i'm going to divorce the lot of you. Has the internet become, or will it become or has it become, so sterile,so bloody impotent, that you have to answer questions such as an affirmation "are you a frigginistical' (collective noun aussie slang for more than one frig,a fruit that grows on trees in in Greece) robot! Are you a robot! Are you internet people inscribers bloody mad! Idiotic verbal?

Sure girls, i understand completely.... Read More


Over the course of 'inventive' history many inventors have enlivened our lives to rid us of the need to immerse in the mundane thus enabling the general populace to ascribe their valuable E time and efforts to such things as Social 'soccer' Media. Enabling mankind to kick on ,headbutt salient points, and gesture communicate with fellow man as if the world will stop turning if your latest partner is cut off via the mobile range. Though i'm sure way down the yellow brick road of love occasionally some wish they'd never met, and that person they thought... Read More

Musing. RIGINAL.

What is the most important thing about taking a photo at a wedding? Simple, don't worry so much about the photo, make sure you've married the 'right' one. Correct me if i'm wrong. If for instance your new missus (Australian slang for wife), is by profession a private Dick with a camera. For example if you should stray during the marriage and i know none of you people out there don't because you're too busy avoiding getting caught, your investigative D missus with all 'cheaters' gear at her disposal, may film you one day or night getting caught up in a torrid moment when... Read More

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Watching porn is an outlet for sexual desire. Those who lack courage to venture into new avenues and those who are willing to do certain ugly things; however, in reality they are not willing to do things on account of social stigma, develops the habit...


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She loves me...she loves me knot. RIGINAL.

been told to act my age and wake up to myself Ian...when a woman is infatuated with a man that's a cover up for,"i'm in love with you Ralph..." :>) She just doesn't know it yet. :>) I'm a very sensitive man...:>) Men get dust in their eyes too...