Transform the Wedding Space with Simple but Attractive Ideas

Thinking about the wedding cards, greeting the guests, wedding dresses, catering are something seems so essential but the venue and reception décor is also necessary. If you want to organize your wedding in a town, your reception venue needs to be personalized. Transformation reception space ideas. Candles, flowers, floral runner, outdoor reception are some favorite things to decorate the space and transform it fully. There is no requirement to spend a fortune on it. You can try out:

Hire a hall

Hire a local hall and transform the hall with your creativity and decorative ideas. Surprise your guests with fantastic decoration and illuminated place with colorful lights and lanterns.

Use full colors and go for it

Decorate the space with plain drapes and use the wooden furniture for seating the guests and place the saffron color lights in the corners and underneath the table covers to spread the romantic hue of colors for the guests and couple to be.

Keep the creativity simple

Go for a basic theme or color, match the color with tablecloths, drapes, bridesmaid dresses. Simply go with a basic theme to keep the venue simple and attractive. It can tie the look of the venue for the whole day. Definitely, It will appear good in photos.

Use a little fabric with the centerpieces

Hang fabric overhead the venue and see how it will transform the grace of the place with its attractive look.

Floral runner

You can use floral runner of seasonal flowers to decorate the table for an outdoor venue. It will provide an ultimate sophistication and decent look to the party. The seasonal flowers contain a refreshing fragrance and even it appears refresh rather than the ones imported from outside. For the barnyard wedding arranging the reception outside with attractive floral runner will seem pleasing and adds attractive look to the reception.

Hanging lights

Hanging lights and lanterns spread the alluring shine in the venue. Instead of using giant centerpieces everywhere you should use the candles with candle stands, lanterns and hang it everywhere. You can place a beautiful centerpiece decorated with the flowers & lights and place it over the sweetheart table to make the venue more attractive.

Vintage lights

Hang the Vintage and colorful lights overhead and it will add up regal elegance and opulence to the venue.

Outdoor reception space

Use the outdoor space for the reception and place and arrange a tent for the guests stay. Serve the lunch and desserts in the open area of the garden where seating has been planned for the guests.

See, how these simple things can make the venue so fascinating with your little efforts, arrangements, and creativity.