Monday, May 20, 2019
Credit:Everton Vila
2 lovers embracing, showing their love language is physical

Valentine’s Day can be a time of stress for a lot of couples. There are gifts to buy, restaurant’s and rooms to book and flowers to send. Knowing the love language of your partner can certainly increase your chances of a good time together this Valentine’s Day and it will also give you a clearer insight into what you need and expect from your partner as well. According to long time relationship counsellor and author, Gary Chapman there are 5 love languages. So, what are they?

Words of Affirmation

If your partner hands out words of affirmation to you this...
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Thinking about the wedding cards, greeting the guests, wedding dresses, catering are something seems so essential but the venue and reception décor is also necessary. If you want to organize your wedding...

Valentines’ Day seems incomplete without the special, romantic Valentine gifts exchanged by the couples. And now that the grand day is around the corner, we are presenting four amazing valentine...

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Nowadays men are very into fashion and some of them are becoming more interested in the accessories they are wearing even more than their ladies. When it comes to wedding planning, grooms are involved...

To impress a girl is quite an endeavor. To impress your girl who walks by your side as if your pride, is something more than an attempt. It's a love induced notion to make her happy, for every guy...

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