Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Building your own dream home can be an experience of a lifetime. It could be the most rewarding endeavour you’ve ever embarked on, but it’s always extremely challenging. Whether you’re sick and tired of the same old look and you want to tear down your house and build a new one, or you’re simply thinking about renovating it – you’ve come to the right place.

This article aims to help you understand how to finance a house renovation and building process. We did a bit of researching and we’ve come up with this short guide through renovation loans, and how they might help you. So, whether... Read More

Architecture played a huge role in every civilisation to not only improve the living condition of the people but also build majestic buildings and memorials that still stand witness to the time. Modern architecture has come a long way. Thanks to the latest building materials and modern building machines and technologies that allows an architect to design and build buildings, which were earlier not possible. The main aim of the architect is to not only plan a building that looks modern and aesthetic but also allows the residents to live a comfortable life in that building. One such example... Read More

Unlike casement windows that pivot on side-mounted hinges, awning windows pivot on hinges mounted on the top. This means they open from the bottom up, rather than from the side. Albeit providing a more modern look, as well as adding more curb appeal, awning windows can have their drawbacks. Are awning windows right for your home?

How Much Does an Awning Window Cost?

So, how much will awning windows cost you? That depends on the material, size, and manufacturer. Because of these factors, a high-quality awning window may cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over... Read More

In 21st century wooden roof is one of the most rare roof types of all. People have accepted shingles, metal, ceramic and cemented roof quite well due to the easy maintenance. Wooden roof can last around 30 to 50 years if you know how to handle it and take care of it well. Most of the other materials that are used for roofs last approximately 10 to 20 years and not more than that. So if you count the numbers, wooden roof is a good choice to have.

There are many reasons to choose a wooden roof, at a glance let us look at the reasons,

1. The beautiful Color

... Read More

Gutter cleaning products are famous as house owners can use them for easier maintenance of gutters that can easily clog. You can see gutter covers and guards that are used for maintaining safety for gutters so debris could not enter in them. They are tongs and sprayers that are highly effective in cleaning gutters. It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the product before buying them. Now it is also a matter of concern as you will ask that how can we evaluate products without using them. It is easy because you can read about them and see whether they fit with the design and structure... Read More

Tiled roof looks absolutely beautiful with their beautiful fire like red color and the stunning wave. Earlier it was made using stale and clay but in modern times it is also made with concrete. Tiled roof usually lasts up to 100 years which means more than your lifetime! Earlier they were only in one shape, wave like. But now they come also flat, fluted, curved and interlocking.

They are quite heavy to lift and that is why they are durable. Tiled roof is perfect for hot countries. It can sustain hot sun and does not let your house get heated. Any area that is exposed to... Read More

The festive season is right around the corner. First comes Ganesh Chaturthi, then Navratri and Diwali, followed by Christmas and New Year. Each occasion brings with it joy and merriment and not to forget a hefty set of bills because happiness can sometimes cost a bomb. When it comes to Indian festivals, we spare no expenses. We are passionate about celebrating every festival with great pomp. Right from decorating homes and allies to buying gifts, this joyous season brings plenty of opportunities to keep swiping your credit cards.

However, the continuous cost of spending can hit you... Read More

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