Dominica citizenship cost and other important factors

Dominator citizenship is quite easy to avail because of the hassle-free process. One will have to take the help of an agent who has a license provided by the Dominica government in order to deliver you with the Dominica passport within a span of 2 to 3 months.

We are all aware of the fact that in order to avail the Dominica citizenship one will have to pay an initial Dominica citizenship cost. This cost will be in the form of an investment that one will have to make to the Dominica government by donating or investing in any real estate project that will be approved by the government.

So the prices that will be included in both of these investments can be calculated with the help of a cost calculator.

  • Donation: When you will be opting for the donation option you will have to check whether you are a single applicant or someone with a family application. Initially one will have to pay US dollar of 113,750 if they are a single applicant and family applicants will have to US$ 218,500. One will also have to pay and an additional fee of US$ 5,000. This price will actually remain the same even after 5 years.
  • Real estate: Here also if you are a single applicant then you will have to pay an initial amount of US$ 233,750 and for the family application one will have to pay US$ 248,500. This price will get reduced after 5 years.

Benefits of Dominica citizenship

  • One will get citizenship for the entire life and it will be passed from one generation to another without any discontinuity.
  • The entire process is diligent, robust and confidential.
  • One will be allowed with multiple and dual citizenships.
  • One will not have to go through any requirement of interview, travel or residency.
  • It will not share your information with any other government.
  • This program is very much cost-effective.
  • Here you will get the liberty of traveling to 130 different countries with the help of Dominica passport visa.

There's always more beneficial when you are investing in real estate because you are going to get some added advantages like:

  • Access the real estate for a specific time every year.
  • One will get all the attractive discounts.
  • One can also use the amenities that are provided in the real estate.
  • They won't have to pay any maintenance charge or legal charge after the initial payment.

In the year 1993, the investment program of Dominica citizenship was introduced and has become very popular because it comes with numerous advantages that can benefit both families and individuals.

Before you are investing in any particular type of investment make sure you are doing complete research on what are the charges that you will have to pay and how suitable it will be for you. As the entire process is authorized so you won't have to worry about the time taken for the completion of the procedure or the authenticity.