Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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There are many different zipper designs that are developed since the beginning of using this revolutionary product. Zippers are most commonly used and available on most clothes and accessories in today’s world. We decided to present you different designs that are implemented as the indispensable part of the fashion industry:

The All Purpose Zipper

This particular type of zipper is most commonly used and widely recognized and popular zipper. It is very lightweight with small teeth and at the end, it contains lock that holds the tape together. That keeps the ends from separating. It... Read More

Certainly, the warmth and freshness this time of the year speak only of one thing – you have to pull out your sundress! After a long and cold season, you should finally let it be the curtain raiser for the summer. Forget dressing up to the nines, we will give you tips on how to wear your sundress to stand out but of course without asking you for the moon. Just a little more effort and you will amplify your style factor! So, whether you have unveiled it now or just bought it lately, sit back and grab the following tips:

1. Weather Compliant

Even though the warmth is here, temperature... Read More

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