Thursday, July 09, 2020
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Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Christmas in July? Pressed to consider it, you might think that it’s a way for those folks in the Southern Hemisphere to celebrate the season as it’s most often depicted: with snow and boots and warm clothes and mugs of cocoa and cider. With fires burning and windows aglow against a dark night. After all, July is the coldest month for countries south of the equator.

Or perhaps you might think it’s a marketing ploy to get consumers to spend money during a time of the year when few holidays exist and morale is...
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There is a huge amount of stigma surrounding victims of sexual assault, and unfortunately, there is a culture of victim blaming that can make people unwilling to come...

This unusual holiday intertwined different customs: Celtic traditions of praising the dark forces and the Christian tradition of worshiping the saints.

Origin of Halloween


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You’ve probably already noticed the summers getting hotter. But, have you noticed the extra frigid winters that most of the world is experiencing? Since 1997, ten of both the...