Winters Coming! Better Get Inside...

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You’ve probably already noticed the summers getting hotter. But, have you noticed the extra frigid winters that most of the world is experiencing? Since 1997, ten of both the coldest and hottest years have been added to records stretching back for almost one hundred years. So, why exactly is the earth getting both hotter and colder? To try and make some sense of it all, let’s look at some of the common theories behind it.

  • Global Warming/Unnatural Climate Change

At this point, everyone has heard the term Global Warming. It’s almost become a brand name, with the amount it’s been used in the media. But, what is it? Millions of years ago, creatures and plants were already knocking about. When they died, their remains were preserved somewhat by the surrounding ground. Over time, the remains would sink, eventually creating what we call fossil fuels. These are fuels like coal, gas, and oil. When we burn those fuels, they release the carbon from the fuel and some of the oxygen from the reaction. This creates carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide reacts with the Ozone in our atmosphere, making it conduct more heat. As the Ozone layer warms up, so does the earth. But, this doesn’t really explain the earth getting colder, for most. But, the Ozone layer also acts as an insulator during the months that your furthest from the sun. With the Ozone layer damaged, it can’t act as an insulator.

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  • A Natural Ice Age

If you stay up-to-date with Dreamworks classics, you’ll know that Ice Ages have occurred in the past. An ice age is a period where the earth is extremely cold. They can occur for different reasons, and some scientists would argue that they’re part of the Earth’s natural cycle. In a lot of people’s life times, there has already been a mini-ice age. During the 70s, you may remember some very unpleasant weather. Some would also argue that a smaller ice age is a sign that we’re due for a big one. And, that the cold weather we’re experiencing now, is just the run up to something much colder.

So, what can you do? It might be a bit early to start investing in space heaters and thick blankets, but you can still start to plan. The biggest risk during these times comes to small businesses. Bad weather makes it harder for them to operate, and it can damage their property. So, if you own a business, it may be best to find the best legal team for your hail damage insurance claims in your area. And, make sure that you’re insured in the first place! If you’re a homeowner, you can get insured as well. It’s also worth making sure that your heating system has been serviced, and that nothing is going to break when the going gets tough.

Hopefully, this will help you to understand the weird weather a little better. If not, you may have to do some research yourself. In the event that the weather causes emergency situations, your government will usually let you know. But, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast!