Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Let's look at these well-known lyrics from 'So What' :-

So, so what, I am a rock star, I got my rock moves, And I don't need you tonight.

And guess what? I'm having more fun, And now that we're done, I'm gonna show you tonight.

But that wasn't quite right was it? There was, in fact, more to come with Pink and her husband Carey Hart after their split in 2008. You see in 'Life Cycles' terms they were 'Confluent' for a couple of months in every second 'significant year' (ie. 19/24 and 31/36). Now they didn't meet till Pink was past 19, so their only adult period of 'Confluence'... Read More

Now JFK and Jackie must be one of history's most famous couples. The era in which they were the President and First Lady was referred to as Camelot. The stuff of legend. When elected JFK dedicated himself to nobly fighting the common enemies of mankind:- tyranny, poverty, disease and war. But how did the Camelot tag come about? It was not till after his death that the association happened and the person who began it was his widow, Jacqueline Kennedy. By ironic co-incidence two days before the asassination, there was a ball at the White House and Camelot was played. She quoted the lines as favorites... Read More

This is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, who is widely considered the greatest English novelist. When it was 2009, I saw TV specials and various articles to do with a similar moment for Charles Darwin. Not enough, in my opinion, has been written or screened this year about Dickens. A master of evocative and lyrical prose. A man of the people and for the people. Now come on, let's do him justice! Go to your wardrobe and put on the oldest, holiest jumper, cardigan or vest you can find. Turn off the heater or the air-conditioning. Put the kettle on and come with me. Down,... Read More

"Glee" star Chris Colfer has written a new book called "The Land of Stories" which is now in stores. The book is about two boys named Connor and Alex. The boys love reading fantasy stories and one day "they find themselves sucked into their favorite book of fairy tales." Colfer says that he came up with the idea, because "I used to ask, Mommy, who's the man in the mirror? Why's he talking to the evil queen? Why's he so evil? Why does she hate Snow White so much? I just tried to clarify the questions that I had as a kid."

Colfer wrote the book during the "Glee" world tour. "I was writing... Read More

I know it seems as if I must be a fan of Justin Bieber. : D

Well maybe I am and maybe I’m not. The fact of the matter is that lately this kids been in the news quite a bit and well I do find it entertaining.

Who’s should take the rap anyway? The paparazzi or the Bieber?

A former Los Angels City Councilman Dennis Zine say’s if it were up to him he’d have Justin Bieber in hand cuffs and locked up in jail?

Seems the little Bieber is quickly growing up. He was caught racing down the 101 Freeway in LA with his new chrome hybrid luxury sports sedan a (Fisker Karma)... Read More

I rarely take any interest at all in celebrity marriages, separations and divorces; they are just too, too boring. So far as Hello and other celebrity fanzines are concerned I’m a hopeless cause. However I’ve made an exception for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, whose bust up is bursting out all over our national press. I’ve made an exception because the rift is over Cruise’s scientology fad.

People are strange but one would really have to be strange indeed to embrace this bizarre mishmash, to embrace a cult that is allowed to masquerade in the States as a religion. In writing about... Read More

Anderson Cooper used some classy language when a fan of his attempted to take some photos of Cooper, using his iPhone, during a 6am plane flight yesterday from New York to Los Angeles. "You will .... not .... not... photograph Cooper on an airplane," reports the Los Angeles Times. Cooper told Kathy Griffen in an interview, "I grabbed the guy on the shoulder and I said something to the effect of, 'Bitch, what the f*** are you doing?," on her new Bravo show last night.

"Normally I would just be like, 'We're not going to win this one,' but I've lately become emboldened," he continued.... Read More

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