Vadim Soloveychik - Usain Bolt Vs Kevin Hart

Vadim Soloveychik - Usain Bolt Vs Kevin Hart, Pokerstars

Soloveychik has reinvented social media fan interaction by turning the 'platform into the scoreboard' for the 2017 face off between track legend Usain Bolt and comedy veteran Kevin Hart. Both enormous characters, whether performing or otherwise, this duo are guaranteed to bring their fans' attention to the world's leading poker client, Pokerstars. Since Pokerstars' buyout by Amaya Inc, they have embraced modern digital marketing techniques and expanded upon their celebrity base. Usain Bolt is world famous for performing at the very highest level, a trait that mirrors the skill and competitive elements of poker that Pokerstars are so keen to reinforce. Kevin Hart is warmly received wherever he goes and his cheeky attitude and self-deprecating style will likely make poker seem all the more accessible and fun. The competition is already underway with fans voting on social media for the best performer and will climax in a real life heads up game of poker in early 2018.

Kate Stannah – Open Your Eyes, Saatchi And Saatchi

Stannah has literally bisected the gender equality debate by using a new film technology to project the same two dimensional movie onto a three dimensional screen in order to show the same story from the point of view of both a male and a female protagonist. The three minute short is directed by Jake Dypka (of Nintendo DS fame) and explores the differences in perception of the world by men and women. The movie is also available online and allows the user to control the gender of viewpoint at any stage in the story's timeline. The overriding angle of the piece seems to be that despite our similarities and our preparations for gender equality, everything we interact with is ultimately 'gendered' in some way, even if only in the way that we identify with it. The message is clear; that we must stop to explore and sympathise with the opposite gender if we are to properly familiarise with and accept our equality.

Phil Tucker – Dare To Discover: Harnaam Kaur, The Beaded Dame – Deezer

Some campaigns strike you from the moment you lay eyes on them; Harnaam Kaur is increasing in notoriety for challenging the accepted female beauty norms. Her most striking feature is her so-called 'excess facial hair' but the underlying messages of what she stands for go far beyond having an unusual appearance. Marketing lead Tucker and Deezer have embraced her anti-bully directive and used this within the Dare To Discover campaign to promote and explore acceptance. The reasons for her appearance or indeed the fact that Kaur is an accomplished musician and outspoken celebrator of eclectic backgrounds and styles within music is almost window dressing for what is otherwise an overwhelmingly positive story and movement. Her mantra accompanies Deezer's product perfectly; diversity, choice, range, acceptance, progressiveness, equality are but some of the words this visceral and demonstrative series projects.