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Angry Comments

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jun 5, 2014

... hospital if I took to heart every insult my teenagers hurled at me. Most negative feedback says more about the person commenting and his own emotions and reactions than it does about me or my opinions.

I ask myself, “Why is the respondent angry?”

He is not really critiquing my writing style, content or conclusions, especially if a vehement response attacks me the writer. That is just the release valve which is handy at the moment. My words triggered a dramatic attack because the commentator has issues. Issues that lay buried until some unsuspecting scapegoat like me pushes... (more)

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Coming Around Full Circle

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 1, 2014

...this unusual lifestyle

is hundreds of hilarious experiences that could only happen

when you raise nine children on a small, family farm.

My life is diametrically opposed to anything I could have imagined as a teenager.

Ironically, this strange life,

focused on motherhood, has brought me more fulfillment and joy than I ever could have imagined.

Now I have come around full circle,

just as I imagined at 16. It just took years of living a rather peculiar life before this

avid reader and oral story-teller was ready to start writing again


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The Blank Page

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 16, 2014

... reach. During these moments, the desire to write is propelled by the need for output, the sign that we have not dried up. The writer’s raison d’être, the imperative to record the results of reflection married to imagination, is forgotten in our temporary panic, and we write for the sake of writing.

Writing that does not inspire reflection in the reader is empty, wasteful, and a contribution to the flotsam that clogs libraries, bookstores and the internet, making everyone go away with diminishing returns. How many books were written because of a writer’s need to make money and... (more)

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The Burn Zone

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jan 20, 2014

... their cave. Any sign of control or manipulation sends them scurrying back into hiding; they take the longest to warm up in the light and warmth of the truth.

Although I have not yet adjusted to solitude and free time, I am thankful for this new freedom to start to write again. The walls of ice which imprisoned my writing skills are thawing out. It might be -28 C outside with almost 50 cm of snow but in the study, the wood-stove is burning.

Yep, my heart is burning with fervor and my thoughts are leaping for joy because the wood stove and my mind are nowboth in the burn zone.


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Barns, Barstools, Tattoos and Harleys

By Randy Mitchell, published on Nov 2, 2013

When an author of fiction sits down to pen a novel, they have a fairly decent idea of what their story is about. They have characters in mind, places envisioned, a general idea of the plot which can make or break their efforts.

Many, like me, write from the gut and develop the book as inspiration hits while typing. Not so easy, as oftentimes this can become a very time-consuming endeavor. Others, like mega-author, John Grisham strictly believe in formatting an outline first then placing the story on paper; specifically seeing the story from beginning to end and then crafting a readable... (more)

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Is it you or an Illusion (Prose)

By JennyT, published on Oct 2, 2013

does my mind play tricks on me a magician who waves the wand across the top hat for a rabbit to appear have you returned to fill the lacuna in my life the missing piece ~ the closure You, who I relied upon, who sated my desires the figure beneath the ghostly sheet that walks the passage-ways of my dreams

is my love for you not finished I see you walk along concrete streets out of doorways ~ I hear the bell that peals your existence my mind sees you, two steps in front of me back turned distancing yourself I call, but have no answer is this your sign to move on, relinquish... (more)

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A Writer’s Repeating Themes

By Shane Joseph, published on Sep 23, 2013

I have been writing a blog for over five years, so I took the time to pause and review what I had written. I have written over 180 articles, averaging three a month, on a variety of subjects, all of which I thought were quite original and topical at the time. But when I re-read them, some key themes kept appearing and re-appearing. My articles seemed to fall into the following broad categories:

1)The Writing Life, its rewards and travails

2)Politics & Society, especially an exploration of the parts that do not work

3)Business Life, its necessity and its incompleteness... (more)

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Why must we hate

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 11, 2013

...him now, as I do also, but I also rejoice in the goodness in people, I surround myself with people like me, choose my friends with care and if hate comes my way in real life I toss it in the bin quickly

I am only 40, I live in pain, I am born from hatred, and maybe one day through writing I will understand the World more. See this is why I write, to teach myself and to learn about our World, many blogs or articles I do here are mainly things that just interest me, yet the darkness follows me, it whispers to me often, but the light keeps me safe

Thank you for allowing me... (more)

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Empty - Prose

By JennyT, published on Sep 8, 2013

In solitude her footsteps slow; in robe of pink through empty rooms, she wanders no laughter or voice that echo in her days and nights

life strange and silent, meals for one with simply why, as she reaches for the cupboard door as she did the day before

views once shared by two hands held her arms now crossed she sees the morning rise the quiet moon, with only her eyes

no one to share

do her children know the loneliness she faces in the minutes, hours, the days ahead with wrinkled trembling hand she reaches

for the phone upon the wall

and stops... (more)

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Thoughts on Large Families for our ‘Tolerant’ Modern Society

By melanie jean juneau, published on Sep 7, 2013

Large families are an anomaly

Large families need an advocate in modern society.

A prompt on a health website asked,

“Are you an advocate for any cause?”

I sputtered to my self,

“I am not an advocate for anything or anybody!”

Immediately after that statement, a new idea popped into my mind,

“Hey, wait a minute. I stand up for large families in modern society!”

In my experience as a mother of nine children, I have met more condemnation than acceptance and more questions that understanding. Perhaps it is because I do not look like the mother... (more)

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