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Levi Blues

By Glenn T, published on Jul 21, 2009 might go so far as to say that it's one of my favorite things to talk about. Inasmuch, I'm likely, on balance, to be more a part of the problem than I am of the solution. But that being as it may, I can hardly stay quiet when the celebrity bar has been lowered so drastically as to make Paris Hilton appear as a paragon of legitimacy. The press has recently added a pundit so amazingly devoid of social value, even the faintest trace of intelligence, or any redeeming characteristics whatsoever, that it's a wonder they put a mic to his mouth the first time, let alone continuing to do it.... (more)

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Between The Mourning And Conspiracy Theories Lie Blanks

By Chedvah, published on Jul 10, 2009

... was truth or fiction unless if I could come across an 'insider' with good lip... but yet again...that may be a bit too late... to trust insiders because they could want to further themselves by tell tales.

In conclusion, I must say that it has been a relief not to see anything about Paris Hilton and MPs on the Telly and if it has appeared in the rags and spreads it wasnt on the front page.... as coverage seemed centred around the ‘King of Pop.’  But then life goes on…so now the MPs have to deal with a possible Spin Doctor and can someone update me about Paris... (more)

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The War Of The Swine And The Hay

By Chedvah, published on May 6, 2009 stock up on sunglasses and sun block. We walked about in a daze, glad that we had stocked up, the season was here…we were braced for spring...what else could surprise us?

Lo and Behold the Swine flu graced our non glossy spreads and gave us a break from updates about Paris Hilton’s globe trotting, Madonna’s failed adoption, Mel Gibson’s impending divorce and our own Labour Party’s doom daily predicament special. Like all news not happening within one’s domicile, outbreaks tend to lend a once over sympathetic glance and then one... (more)

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Vote For The Snake In 2008: Unity Of All

By AM Nelson, published on Aug 15, 2008

...somewhat unvisited. This provided the rare, on-the-spotinterview.


AM: Good afternoon, Death. I haven’t seen you since the convention in 2006. Why the dramatic change of campaign style?

Death: We recently replaced our campaign manager with Paris Hilton. She got her energy plan out there quickly, succinctly, and with style. She reminds us constantly that big shows are expensive, and not on the human’s level.

AM: Do you believe this change in style has been successful?

Death: So far it’s been reaching more... (more)

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A Time For Cheers, A Time For Tears

By Glenn T, published on Aug 13, 2008

...excesses of youth, all for the chance to triumph - for it's own sake and nothing more. It is a beautiful thing. We live in a world full of posers and pretenders (for reference, see Kevin Federline, reality television referring to its successful participants as "stars" and, of course, Paris Hilton). So full, in fact, that we've actually come to allow them to crown their own champions. Braggarts and wannabes, deciding who amongst them is the best. The apocalypse really must be imminent. It's come to point where triumphant poses are almost always laughable. But when one of... (more)

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Not So Fashionable- Celebrity Drunk Driving

By Lumiere, published on Aug 7, 2008

First it was Nicole Ritchie arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol, then Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson shortly followed the DWI suit and now it is adorable actor, Shia LeBeouf. I have a hard time understanding the concept of anyone getting behind the wheel who has been drinking, much less a celebrity. The irony of celebrity drinking and driving is it's not like they do not have the money to hire a driver for a night out on the town, or to take a cab home after partying all night with their friends, hell they even have the means to rent a hotel room if necessary. However, instead... (more)

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Kathy Hilton Offended By Mccain

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 3, 2008


Now let me get this straight.  Kathy Hilton, the mother of Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton is offended by John McCain's use of her daughter's likeness in a campaign ad comparing her daughter and Brittney Spears to Barack Obama in terms of over-the-top popularity and outlandish public display.

Yet when the Paris Hilton sex tape made its way to the Internet, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was first picked up for DUI, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was again picked up for DUI, Kathy said nothing.  Yet when Paris was dragged off to jail by LA County Sheriff's deputies, Kathy... (more)

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Gawker Attacks The Fox Flack

By Chris Jones, published on Jul 8, 2008

...dared to criticize Fox.

Here’s the list of her “all time hits”as Gawker calls them:

When Anderson Cooper chided Fox for running with a false report of Obama going to a Muslim school, Briganti responded with, “Yet another cry for attention by the Paris Hilton of television news, Anderson Cooper.” Briganti attributed Keith Olbermann’s attacks on Bill O’Reilly to his “personal demons, and said “In the meantime, we hope he enjoys his paranoid view from the bottom of the ratings ladder and wish him well on his... (more)

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The Clinton Business

By Glenn T, published on Jun 23, 2008

...fame aspect of Chelsea. Her dad was the President for eight years and she’s been all over the news since she was barely a teenager. She’s at least as culturally relevant as Lindsay Lohan (God help us all). But I would hope that if we learned anything from having to listen to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears speak over the past few years, it’s that being famous doesn’t necessarily make you worth listening to.

Of course, there are a small number of people who speak publicly for a brief period of time when they have special information which has... (more)

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Raising The Wasteman And Wastewoman

By Chedvah, published on Jun 22, 2008

...was rationed, because there were no mobile phones, you had to speak on the phone while your parent (s) listened in on the other line at times, so it ended up not being worth it and we looked like young people but still felt cool, we didn’t prep ourselves up to look and dress like ‘Paris Hilton’ or like ‘Fifty Cent.’

But times have changed and technology is here to stay. Our own children and young people now intimidate us. Young people can now ask an older person to get off the seat on a bus or train for them to sit and the older person will rise to the occasion in... (more)

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